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Jan 9, 2009 04:51 PM

Rehearsal Dinner In or Near Long Branch

Chowhounds: I'd appreciate your recommendations for a casual, nice, not-too-expensive restaurant with a private room for about 60 people for May, 2009 rehearsal dinner. Wedding reception will be at McLoone's so that one is out.

Most guests are staying at Ocean Place, so it would be great to have it within walking distance or a very short drive from there.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Don't know if it will fit your budget, but check Avenue in Long Branch! On the beach, chef gets major kudos...
      Beware: MAJOR flash, music, and crashing waves on the site:

      1. Charley's Ocean Grill is about a mile south of the hotel. It has a dining room upstairs that can be booked for private parties. It has a bar, an ocean view, and an outdoor deck. It's casual and the menu has a wide variety of choices.

        1. rooneys may be able to accommodate you. it is north of pier village on the boardwalk... walking distance from the ocean place. i would stay away from avenue as it may end up being as expensive as the wedding itself.

          my sister had her wedding at mcloones in june, we had the rehearsal dinner at the sheraton on rt 35 as thats where many of the guests were staying

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            You should also consider it's greek to me right in pier village next to ocean place. Although they do not have a private room but it is a byob which can cut your cost way down. I had my christmas party there in December everything was excellent we had about 40 people.

            1. re: tshore

              Its Greek to Me has been really really bad from my visits. Rooney's is pretty hit or miss as well.

              If really wanting to stay on the shore (where there is slim pickins), I would recommend Sallie Tee's for a good laid back atmosphere with capable food.

            2. re: boodie1821

              boodie: I'm anxious to hear how the wedding was, especially the food. I'm from Sonoma and rather spoiled by the high level of food here.

              tshore: lots of negative reviews about all the restaurants in PV. i'm really turned off and would be reluctant to give it's greek to me a try. Mr. C's has gotten quite a few good reviews here and they seem to have a great menu and reasonable prices. Any thoughts about Mr C's.?

              1. re: vibiaron

                I thought everything was excellent at its greek to me they accomidated our big party and everything came out perfect, for $25 a person it exceeded my expectations.

                1. re: vibiaron

                  Hi Vibiaron, I hope you don't mind me jumping in. I had my wedding at Mcloone's Sea Bright in 2003 and have gone back there at least once or twice a year since then. I give the staff a 10 out of 10 for service--they were nice, accomodating and terrific to all my guests, especially the bartender. We had a brunch and while the menu was varied, I'll be honest with you, I relied on my husband's opinion because I am vegan and he enjoyed everything. They are VERY nice about accomodating personal diets so they did make something special for me (just pasta and veg) but if you have concerns and you are knowledgable about food, I would suggest you speak with them. I must say that all of our guests said the food was "excellent" but I think any wedding guest would say that. Might I also suggest you request another tasting, if you haven't done so already and let them know your thoughts? It is a nice place with such a lovely view, it would be a shame to worry about the food being served. We had our rehearsal dinner at Carmine's in Highlands which is now Andretta's. I know you mentioned Long Branch.....sadly, they don't have a private room but their prices are similar to what we paid and they have a liquor license. Best wishes for your wedding.

                  1. re: vibiaron

                    Vibiaron, I'm actually getting married at McLoone's this May as well :) Interestingly, when we went to our tasting, we liked the appetizers but were disappointed with the entrees as well. Since we want our guests to enjoy the food, we told them what we did not like about the entrees, and they ended up making two new entrees that we are going to serve at our wedding (which were vastly better from what they originally sent out). We've found McLoone's to be extremely responsive to our needs, and I think that if you voice your disappointment with them, they should be able to help. Good luck!

                    1. re: monkey12

                      Monkey12: Thanks so much. This information is really helpful.
                      Good luck to you, too.

                    2. re: vibiaron

                      overall the wedding was very nice, the ceremony took place out on the beach then we went upstairs for the cocktail hour followed by the reception. also, during cocktail hour they had fireworks go off..
                      the food during cocktail hour was mostly passed apps and there were carving stations set up. i dont remember much of cocktail hour because i was needed for pictures and other wedding related stuff. however i remember everything being super organized and very well run. no one was worrying about a thing.

                      the dinners we had an actual menu on the tables with i think 2 salad choices and 3 entrees. i had the filet mignon, which was good but not great.
                      i think people come to expect average food from a place like this on the jersey shore..
                      great view is more important to the people

                  2. I suggest that you check out Mr. C's on the ocean in Allenhurst:


                    We had a party there last year and they did a great job. They have a nice deck right on the beach and a lovely dining room.