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Jan 9, 2009 04:50 PM

SteakHouse in Los Angeles Area, Anaheim and Long Beach

SteakHouse in Los Angeles Area, Anaheim and Long Beach...

Please let me know your opinions about a good steakhouse in LA...I don't mind if your personal favorite is a hole in the wall with a good steak.

Please mention your personal favorites and why...


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  1. Love the dry-aged ribeye at Mastros, and the NY at Dan Tana's is fantastic. Since I'm totally bored of NY style steakhouses, my new favorite steak is at Jar in West Hollywood. Fantastic sides, great oysters and some creative cocktails to boot! Also try the pot roast!

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    1. re: burglover

      The Jar menu looks great...Just to see the Menu make me hungry :),

      Thanks for your advice. :)

    2. Mastro's BH, Wolfgang's, Cut and Boa Santa Monica

      1. I like "old school" steak houses. Taylors for value, Pacific Dining Car when money isn't such an issue.

        1. 555 East in Long Beach has been around since the mid 80s. Great food (I like the Filet Mignon 8oz rare, great mouth feel and ample taste), sort of an East Coast vibe, great bar and knowledgeable servers. Located in the so-called East Village Arts District, not too far from Pine Square and the Pike, making it easy to walk off dinner (and find other places for dessert, a drink, a cigar).

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            I will be one day in the Westin Long Beach for business and another two in LA and Anaheim Area.

            Thank you for the info about the 555East and the link...


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              the 555 has its ups and downs, its better than it used to be but not as good as it was or has been the last few years. a close friend of mine was the executive chef, now it isnt as good. I prefer Ruths Chris (there are several, Anaheim, Irvine, Beverly Hills) and I am also, as of last year, a big fan of Flemings, they too have a few locations....

          2. Mastro's... YUM. And it's only 15 minutes from Anaheim (the one in Costa Mesa, anyway).