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Jan 9, 2009 04:50 PM

is this jello kosher

We are from Montreal and one day when in Plattsburgh found a whole bunch of jello in Hannaford that was marked K- The tapioca was marked dairy K with a circle around it. I was so happy but someone said they did not think it was kosher ...let me know your comments

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    1. A Canadian roommate would bring instant Jell-o pudding back to the states with her, since she couldn't get it kosher in the US. This was several years ago, and I do not remember the exact product line, but it was definitely the familiar Jell-O brand.

      1. Jell-O brand products with a plain "K" are certified kosher by a rabbi who accepts gelatin that not all people accept as kosher. Not all people accept his "K."

        A product with a K with a circle around it is certified by the OK. That is a universally-accepted hecksher.

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          Jell-O Brand Jello is NOT Kosher. There is a new Kosher Jello that is amazing! Its called Elyon, and also comes in sugar free. Its O U Parve certified. It is unlike Kojell and other poor brands of kosher jello.

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            The K on Jell-O brand jello is a rabbi's certification. Just because you disagree with the supervisor does not make the product not kosher. In more accurate parlance, you do not accept it.

            (That being said, in searching around the web, it may be the case that Kraft self-certifies its Jell-O, is which case it is still an open question. I'm working under the assumption that there is a third-party independent supervisor. It was always that people didn't agree with his logic regarding gelatin).

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              Thanks for web site - I will find out if they sell this in stores in Burlington or Plattsburgh or Albany

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              Note to craigcep: GilaB said that her roommate brought Jell-O PUDDING to the states with her, NOT Jell-o gelatin. Even here Jell-O pudding has the OK, which most people hold is a reliable hechsher. In Canada, though, the Jell-O pudding has (or at least had the last time I was there), a COR-DE designation. That might be of use to those who want to make it with soymilk and serve it after a fleishig meal.

              1. re: queenscook

                Indeed. The roommate in question ate only chalav yisrael, so non-dairy pudding mix that she could make with her own chalav yisrael milk was something she wanted around.

                The Jell-O gelatin isn't kosher in either Canada or the US, but as Matash was asking about tapioca (presumably a pudding), I thought my experience might be relevant.