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Jan 9, 2009 04:30 PM

Family style restaurant in the san Juan area

Traveling down next week to the San Juan area, staying at Marriott Stellaris on Ashford and wanted to get some good ideas for local food. On a previous trip to Vieques a few years ago, we stayed two nights in a hotel in the isla verde area and found this wonderful local place a 10 minute walk away. The restaurant was packed with local families and had the best food! ... Not expensive hotel food!! We ate there both nights and want to make sure to return. For any locals reading this, it's located next door to a Cock Fight gambling place of all things!! Local culture, I'm sure. We also ate at a really nice fish restaurant in OSJ that was blue in that still around? Expensive in comparison to the previously mentioned Family style restaurant in Isla ?
Any other suggestions for dinner would be is our favorite food!

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  1. the place you refer to is Metropole. It's great local Cuban and PR food. I love the chicken stuffed with rice and beans. WOW

    1. The fish restaurant in OSJ is Aguaviva (blue color and ocean motif) Yes its still there. For excellent food (expensive though) try Pikayo located in the Museo de Arte ...DELICIOUS..probably the best style, service and food in San Juan.

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        Mamadem's rec for Pikayo is excellent but it is not local food nor inexpensive.

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          Pikayo definitely has a local twist to its dishes..Chef Wilo Benet incorporates Puerto Rican tastes into his food. It is expensive but oh so worth it (and I really can't think of one expensive hotel restaurant that compares to Pikayo.