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Jan 9, 2009 03:53 PM

martha stewart enameled cast iron dutch oven

i know this 7 qt. dutch oven does not receive a lot of love on this site, but just to let everyone know, i just bought two of these from amazon (shipped from macys) for 40.00 apiece and 9.95 to ship. unexciting but unoffensive "sand" color, sort of beige. come on!~ two enameled dutch ovens delivered for less than 100usd. replace the lid knob with a all metal drawer pull from the hardware store and you can put it in a 500 degree oven. is it le cruset? of course not ..its 200 dollars cheaper. perfect for new cook college students in their first apartment (thats where mine are going) or cheap wedding gift ( comes nicely boxed). let the snobs scoff, im cooking en cocotte just fine.

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  1. Thanks hyde. Have been wanting a larger cast iron pot but didn't want to spend the big bucks. Just ordered one from the Macy's site.

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      for this price i am donating one to rosies place in the south end. as "bostonhound" you probably know where i mean.

    2. I have a smaller, putty-colored one - I think it's 4 qts - from the MS K-Mart line, bought several years ago for around $40. So Amazon it a great deal! Just used it for pot roast with a sweet/sour sauce such as would typically be for brisket. I don't like to use the naked cast iron one when there are acid ingredients as they result in tasting the metal. The MS performs just fine - and temp control on my 30-yr old Amana electric cooktop range can be tricky. I have never used LeCreuset but can't imagine that its performance could be worth $100 more. I know that cheaper enameled cookware can chip more readily than LC but since I handle heavy pots carefully, there's little chance of my damaging it. I noticed that the new MS Macy's line is a more attractive robin's egg blue so they are probably clearing out the putty-colored ones; hence the good deal.

      1. I have the 5.5 round Martha Stewart Collection chili pot from Macy's. I got it in the store for $49.99 less 10% with a coupon. It is different from the Martha Steward Everyday sold at K-Mart

        You do have to poke around right now the blue 5.5 round is $33.74

        but amazon prices change

        1. I just recently purchased Lodge brand cast iron enameled dutch oven. AWESOME!!