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Jan 9, 2009 03:37 PM

Fiorella's - what's the story?

I'm a former Mid-Cityite who was addicted to fried chicken in New Orleans. Personal partisan top 3: Fiorella's, McHardy's, Popeye's (certain locations had the spice better than others, ocourse). Would take Dooky Chase any day and twice on Sunday vs. Willa Mae's, which ran to oily and didn't trap the moisture and crunch enough like Fiorella's. Fixin to go back for some Mardi Gras. Now what's up with Fiorella's? I don't know if I care who owns it as long as the fryers still fry.

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  1. don't know about Fiorella's, but you can also consider both Mr. Ed's in Bucktown and Jacques Imo's for their fried chicken. and if Chicken Sue on W. Harrison in Lakeview is still open, I've read she fries up a mean chicken too. last year she was doing to-go orders to take to the parades.

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        Chicken Sue's is nothing special. McHardy's is cheaper and better. My fav. are Jacques Imos and Willie Mae's. Don't get WM's to go. The steam ruins the shattering crispness. Haven't had Fiorellas since they reopened.

    1. Try Guillory's in Metairie, 3708 Derbigny, 833-1390. Their fried chicken and hot tamales are the best!

      1. We tried to go to Fiorella's one night after they re-opened. It was empty save for one other table and we were ignored for 15 minutes before we got up and left. We were not drunk or loud or anything else. Shame, because I was really looking for to finding out if the fried chicken has returned to its legendary status.

        1. funny, it goes to show ya... when we hit WM's we found it to be the moistest chicken yet. i thought it was good, but the wait too long.

          i prefer McKenzie's Chicken In a Box -- damn cheap (like McHardy's), but IMO much more tasty.

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            You have to get to WM's when they open. We've gotten in/out in 45 min.