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Jan 9, 2009 02:44 PM

Cuisinart 175 or B&D 6301 Digital Convection Toaster Oven

Ive been researching toaster ovens. And its come down to these 2.

The Krups comes with 2 racks (only unit that did) and 3 heating elements (ditto) top and bottom. The controls look very simple to figure out too. However it feels kinda cheaply made.

The Oster Digital Toaster Oven nearly made the cut. The controls look fantastic and I like the display and its roominess nearly as wide as the B & D. However it aslo feels a bit cheaply made.

The KitchenAid is not digital or convection but it has a nice porcelain coated broiler pan and is large.

The Cusinart Brick Oven nearly made the cut, but I want convection cooking.

The Sanyo SK-VF7S has ceramic heating elements and good execution of convection, but is too small for my wants and needs.

So it comes down to the Cusinart 175 or the B&D 6301.

Im not enamored of the Cuisinart 195 stainless steel exterior and styling. Save a few bucks on the 175 with all the same features. The B&D seems to be just a bit wider thant the Cuisinart...and that extra inch is enough to use a lot of 13x9 pans. Its not as deep as the Cusinart but it has a slot so that a 12" Pizza will fit....this smaller space may be quicker to heat. The B&D has a nice curved front face with a large glass face, making it easy to see the food. The Cuisinart 175 has a large glass face too(larger than the newer 195 because of the handle differences) but isnt angled or curved....not sure if the Cuisinart 175 has a glass or acrylic window though....I think the B&D is glass and not plastic.

As to the cooking ability and functions I cannot say.

What say you?

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    1. re: EscapeVelocity

      Oh, I like that the crumb catcher comes out the front on the B& slides out the back on the Cuisinart.

    2. Oh, the B&D has a front loading crumb tray, the Cuisinart an inconvenient rear loading crumb tray.

      1. I've had the Cuisinart for a couple years and have been pleased with it. Decent toast(no toaster oven makes fantastic toast unfortunately). Even heating. The convection seems to work well. I use ours all the time, pretty much daily.

        The crumb tray in the back is a drawback but really not that big of a deal.

        I got mine at Costco for under $100. I think they still sell it, might want to swing by and see if that's the case.

        1. I've had the Cuisinart for about 5 years, and it has always performed well. When it stops working, I'll buy another one just like it.

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          1. re: ChesterhillGirl

            Is the window on the Cuisinart 175 glass/pyrex or acrylic/plastic? Thanks

            1. re: EscapeVelocity

              The window is glass. One thing I don't like about mine - it is about 5 years old - is that crumbs accumulate in the crack at the bottom of the class door where it pivots and is very hard to clean. They may have changed the door design to prevent this, I would check. To the post below, it gets hot enough that we set plates on top while it is in use and use it as a plate warmer. I would buy another when this one dies.

              1. re: Raymondo

                Mine is about two years old and I have the same issue with crumbs in the bottom of the glass door. You're right, it's a pain to clean. The crumb tray in the back doesn't bother me but this drives me crazy!

                1. re: ziggylu

                  Also it seems that the B&D shuts off when the timer goes off, the Cuisinart just beeps VERY loudly(annoyingly so many say), but does not turn off the burners.

          2. I must say. Im not really looking for dazzling toast making. Im much more interested in the convection/bake/broil functions.

            The complaint about the B&D seems to be that it gets too hot on the outside. How does the Cuisinart do with regard to how hot it gets on the exterior?