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Onion Rings

Where can I find the best onion rings in Philadelphia. This is hardly a gourmet favorite, but I love them. I can't seem any that are better then what you can find inthe frozen isle at Sam's Club.

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  1. to buy at a store or eat in a restaurant? If in a restaurant, I love the ones at the Country Club Diner in NE Philly, Cottman and Summerdale. They are huge and delicious.

    1. The Great American Pub in Wayne has stellar onion rings. Almost makes me forgive them for permanently 86-ing their rotisserie chicken.

      1. My friend John likes the ones at Pudge's a lot in bluebell.

        1. I haven't been there in over 20 years but Jack's Deli at 8500 Bustleton Ave. had the best fresh-battered and sizzling crisp o-rings ever. And the portion was humongous - a small turkey platter full. We'd always offer a few to folks at surrounding tables rather than take them home and have them go flacid.

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            They really don't reheat well do they Chefpaulo. Guess it's just as well we didn't try to go to Assi tonite. So..you are taking over the reins of organizing things this time right? :) Third time is da charm.

          2. I know it's a chain and not exclusive to the Philly area, but I really like the Tower of Onion Rings at Red Robin.

            1. For Onion rings at a bar I've had some great ones at Pub and Kitchen and some almost great ones at Taproom on 19th down in South Philly.

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                FYI, Pub & Kitchen only serves them at brunch now from what I understand.

                I have no idea why.

              2. I've never had better than the ones at Nifty Fifties, in the Northeast.

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                  Nifty Fifties, noice! Grew up about two blocks away, love the sodas!

                2. Thanks for posting this lone. I'm enjoying the replies plus my favorite things to eat are simple ingredients cooked or combined perfectly. To me, that is the soul of gourmet or any food. /climbs down off soapbox. :)

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                    *applause* So true. Fresh and cooked to perfection is it for me.

                  2. Try the ones at Memphis Taproom - flavorful, inventive and delicious.

                    1. Sonic.
                      They have a vanilla-like taste. Really different and yummy.

                      1. Del Frisco's steakhouse in Philly at 15 and chestnut has the absolute best onion rings. you get a huge mountain of them as well!