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Jan 9, 2009 02:32 PM

I Need (shocker) A NON-ALCOHOLIC Party Punch for 100 people!

I need a normal, no-frills industrial- sized party punch. The 100 people who will be drinking the punch will probably spit out anything that has any, uh, "special" ingredients in it. No alcohol please, children will be drinking it too! I have never had any need to make a punch so I have absolutely NO recipes for one.

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  1. Flavored lemonades are always a hit. You can put Torani syrup in any lemonade (homemade or otherwise) - think raspberry, kiwi, etc. There are a bunch of recipes on the Torani site. I have also used pomegranate molasses as well. You can freeze pureed fruit or berries in silicon ice cube trays, as add to the drink as well. Strawberry lemonade is great with a bit of fresh mint.

    1. Here's an easy one:

      1 large pkg cherry Kool Aid (you can use the small pkg but adjust the sugar to taste)
      2 cups pineapple juice, unsweetened
      1 frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
      2 cups sugar

      Mix it all together in a gallon pitcher and finish filling with water.

      This was my great-aunt's recipe and everyone loved it at church functions, weddings, bridal or baby showers, etc.

      1. This one always goes over well for me...Kind of like a virgin mojito..

        2- cans frozen limeade
        2- 2 liter bottles ginger ale
        2 or 3 limes, sliced
        mint leaves
        1 bag ice

        Mix all together in punch bowl. This one is quite refreshing and easy.

        1. Frozen Can of orange juice
          Frozen can of lemonade
          Frozen can of grape juice
          Bottle of Hawaiian punch - regular original flavor
          1-2 bottles of gingerale

          Mix all up in punch bowl. My family makes this for special occassions since I've been a kid everyone loves it. You can float sliced citrus in it, and freeze some Hawaiian punch in mold and after its frozen, unmold it and float in the punch.

          It fills a large punch bowl, you'd need to make several for 100 people. If you want to see what it tastes like, sometimes when I dont' need a whole batch I just mix equal amounts lemonade, oj and grape juice, thrown in some hawaiian punch then top off with the gingerale.

          1. I grew up with mixing equal parts Squirt (citrus flavored soda pop) and cranberry juice. Pretty, tasty, unbelievably easy!