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Jan 9, 2009 01:12 PM

Desperately Seeking Crawfish Pie

Last time I was in New Orleans, I happened upon a little take-out place on Magazine Street that sold great crawfish pie to go, along with other New Orleans classics. It seemed like the sort of place that had been there forever. Don't remember a lot else about it except that it was past Casamentos and afterward we went across the street (or maybe a block or so down) and ate our food in a semi-ragged park or school grounds.

Anyone know where I'm talking about?

Definitely seemed like a local place, not for tourists. I'd love to point a friend there, but I can't remember the name / address.


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  1. I believe you are thinking of Tee-Eva's. Its a little yellow with painting on it building pretty much at the corner of Magazine and Napoleon.

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    1. re: malenky

      It was probably Tee-Eva's, but last time I checked it was closed and up for sale.

      1. re: MrsJeffchow

        Well, shoot...that's a tragedy because those crawfish pies were incredible. Thanks though!

        1. re: MrsJeffchow

          Lady you gonna make me catch a heart attack. Tee-Eva's is most definitely not closed or for sale. I had a snowball there last week. But to be sure, I called them just now and their Saturday hours are 11-4.

          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            The building is definitely for sale. At least, last time I noticed it was. That doesn't mean Eva's is closing though. Owner's probably just trying to get rid of it.

            1. re: N.O.Food

              Yes, exactly. The building is for sale but the business is not, unless a new owner drastically alters the situation. It's not looking like sno ball weather for the next few days, but I'll report any updates I hear.

      2. RioMar has had a yummy crawfish enpanada on the menu in the past, maybe it was a daily special, I'm not sure. If you happen to go there and they have it, definitely get it.

        1. Well, there's two versions of this. On is basically a Lasonye's Natchitotes meat pie with a crawfish filling.Not bad. Best place for that is one of the numerous convenience stores around town that sell food.

          As far as for the classic crawfish pie, with a sour cream sauce in a pastry pie shell, , the best I ever tasted was at the old Fair Ground s restaurant. I don't know who's doing them now.

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          1. re: underworld gourmet

            I'd argue for at least one more version: the rural cajun style, containing NO sour cream. It's in a pastry shell, often has chopped hardboiled eggs, and is a very thick but not firm filling, usually flour-thickened (or sometimes a blonde roux).

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              That is the classic...the one people hear Hank Wiliams sing about

          2. Big Fisherman on Magazine St. sells nice little crawfish pies. Not bite sized but you can hold one in your hand.