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Jan 9, 2009 01:07 PM

San Juan, Dinner in Condado area

We are spending one night pre-cruise in San Juan. We would like some suggestions for a great dinner in the Condado area. Any price range is acceptable - just want great food and a relaxed atmosphere. I have done lots of research but am unable to make a decision. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. I'm a local and my favorite restaurant in San Juan is Pikayo...excellent food, style and service.(expensive) Its not exactly in Condado but about 5-7 minutes by taxi....sooooooo worth will LOVE it!

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      Thanks so much for your response. This was one of the restaurants that we were considering and it is great to have someone local help us make a good decision. Many thanks!! Any other suggestions that we should consider??

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        If I had one night I'd go with Pikayo...definitely the best food in San Juan (comparable to a good New York restaurant) Food and presentation are excellent. Service is amazing. We went there for New Years eve because the food is simply delicious and the atmosphere in the Museo de Arte is beautiful. If I had another night I'd probably go to is yummy , service good as well and decor very nice...but doesn't quite compare to Pikayo. There are many other restaurants that are good but with only one night..try Pikayo...I'm sure you will thank me. Have a great cruise(am presently on a cruise myself going through the Panama Canal at the moment:-)

    2. We just returned from a week in San Juan and had a fantastic meal at Marmalade. The service was excellent and the food outstanding. Try the tiny white bean soup. Definitely worth the trip. That said, we tried their sister restaurant Jam in Condado and was thoroughly disappointed. The service at Jam was excellent, however the food sub-par. If you have time for lunch/brunch, we stumbled upon San Germain in old San Juan. It is a tiny French bistro style restaurant. Enjoy your trip.

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        Marmalade is good...but not amazing...with one night in San Juan...Pikayo would be my choice hands down. Haven't heard good things about Jam and even though I live two blocks away..have never been there. Go with Pikayo....quite amazing...You will LOVE it..

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          I found Marmalade superior to Pikayo. To be fair, I have been to Marmalade more recently than Pikayo.

      2. Late Feb. 2011: we had a great meal with wonderful service at Pikayo (at the Conrad Hotel) and two lunches that were very good at Verita across the street - same chef, more informal. The house made sausages were terrific.

        We also had several very good meals - and great service - at Buddentai across the street from the Marriott La Concha. The quality of the food and the place itself were a lot of fun and imaginative. Stands out were the fresh fish, a marinated skirt steak and the sushi rolls.

        Had nice tapas for lunch at Bar Gitaneo and Miro, both about two minutes from the Marriott on Ashford. Also, Puerto Peru, around the corner from the subway across the street, just opened serving Peruvian seafood. The fish was very fresh - ceviche was the best we had in San Juan and some of the main dishes (grouper, red snapper) were prepared in the Peruvian manner (with certain sauces). We told them to hold the sauces and the results were very good. Its an informal place but was filled the two times we went.

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          wristband, sounds like Verita may have improved their sausages since I went earlier this year. The duck sausage was so salty it was almost inedible. Another hound, Miss Needle, had a similar experience. Unfortunately I forgot about her post when I was ordering at Verita!