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Jan 9, 2009 12:54 PM

Visiting Portland - any unique food suggestions? (any price pt)

We are Toronto Chowhounders who come to Portland once a year. We're back this February again and are getting hungry.
Wondering if there are any resto suggestions.

What do we like:

-amazing lattes
-any ethnicity for food
-not so much into fish/seafood (I know, I know, we're on the coast so shame on me)
-in Toronto, we love $2 Vietnamese subs just as much as a $45 steak. So cheap eats are great as long as they are damn tasty
-we are staying in Beaverton but will be in Portland almost daily
-good beer is also very good. Already hit Rogue last February.

So if you can kindly suggest away and include websites or addresses, we would be grateful.


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  1. Tanuki (Okinawan pub food)
    I've posted pics here:

    Clyde Common (Euro-style gastropub with a nice emphasis on offal

    Nakwon (Korean

    Pok Pok (regional Thai, especially Isaan

    Some beer-centric places I would hit up:
    Belmont Station
    Victory Bar

    1. Cheap: The many carts SW 9th/Alder especially Sugar Cube & Samurai Bento.

      Beer: Deschutes in the Pearl.

      Best Baguette for Bahn Mi.

      All that SS said.

      1. Amazing lattes:

        Extracto on NE 30th and Killingsworth
        Ristretto Roasters on NE Fremont and 42nd or N Williams and Failing
        Stumptown at multiple locations
        Spella Caffe at NW 9th and Alder
        Albina Press at SE 50th and Hawthorne or N Albina and Blandena
        I was trying to figure out where the place that Billy Wilson (awesome barista formerly of Albina Press) is opening is located, and found a reference to him opening in the old Acorn Cafe location at NW Hoyt and 13th in February.

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        1. re: Nettie

          Another stellar latte, not to mention mocha: Sahagun Chocolate, using Stumptown beans. Also, handmade single-origin truffles.
          Please report back, thus encouraging us to help others in the future, including yourself.

          1. re: Leonardo

            I can't get the lattes at Sahagun, because I have to have the hot chocolate there, made with melted premium chocolate--I think the selection varies. If the OP is interested in hot chocolate drinks, here's the ones I'd try, in order of preference:
            1. Sahagun
            2. Alma--bicerin
            3. Cacao (fortunately, within walking distance of Sahagun)
            The first two are small artisanal chocolate shops. The third is a chocolate shop with an extensive selection from around the world.

            1. re: Nettie

              Yes of course, the HC at Sahagun is to die for. I had it today and was in heaven. I would have mentioned it, but OP was asking for coffee. Great choices for HC...what a list! I approve...

              1. re: Leonardo

                not overly fussy.
                if its good, i consume!!

                my parents aren't the biggest foodies out there. where the Entertainment Book beckons, they go.

                so i've had many an unspectacular meal in Portland. in fact, if i remember correctly, my first experience there was at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

                thanks for your suggestions. more are welcome!

                1. re: atomeyes

                  Entertainment? OK...there are far better in the book than OSP! Good grief...
                  In the current book recommend:
                  Kesone Thai Lao Bistro - ask for the Laotion specialities.
                  Alameda Brewhouse
                  Tao of Tea (website is out of date on current teahouse locations
                  )Via Delizia
                  Kinara Thai

                  1. re: Leonardo

                    hey, you can pick your coupons, but you cannot pick your parents' taste in food!

              2. re: Nettie

                sahagun's mochas are killer! it's their melty hot chocolate with espresso added. my eyelids flutter with every sip.

          2. You'd do well to drive to Hood River and have exceptional pizza and even better beer at Double Mountain Brewery. I'm serious. The best beer within several hundred miles of PDX and only an hour's drive (with scenery that doesn't suck).

            And if you are inclined to catch a show at the Doug Fir (recommended for live music) make an effort to eat at Biwa nearby.

            I was also happily surprised by Tabla and their $24 multi-course dinner. Very nice work from the kitchen there, and a better than solid wine pairing/selection from a globally inspired list.

            If I were visiting Toronto I'd be delighted to have recommendations of this caliber. Check'em out. Have a great time.

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            1. re: 1bigfish

              be warned: if you visit Toronto and post on our CH board, this topic would be up to 30 posts within 2 days :)

            2. you can't leave Portland without having at least 1 cocktail at Teardrop Lounge-- on the cutting edge of mixology