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Jan 9, 2009 12:52 PM

Opened salame package, and it smells like feet. Not normal, right?

It's brown sugar and fennel salame from Boccalone in San Francisco. When I opened the butcher paper, it smelled like extremely stinky cheese. I nibbled a tiny bit (because I'm starving, thus 2:00 salame run) and it didn't taste terrible, but I was too scared to actually eat much.

Before I take it back, I wanted to make sure I wasn't over-reacting. I'm tired and cranky, and hungry, so my decision making skills aren't at their finest!

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  1. Some meats (and cheeses, and wines) do smell very much like feet.

    Keep it wrapped, munch on something else if you can, and try it again when you're feeling a bit less frantic. I'm kind of like the Hulk when I'm hungry, so I can totally empathise.

    1. Actually...some salami DOES smell like feet. Especially the rind/casing. Trying slicing a piece, put the rest back in the fridge. Remove casing from slice, throw it away, wash your hands. Now try it.

      When I was in Bologna, I couldn't even walk into some shops, for fear of throwing up. Even standing a few feet from the door of a macelleria/salumeria was a bit much.

      1. If the salame is from a reputable dealer in cured meats I say go for it!!!

        1. I've had that exact salame and yes, it does smell funky. I served it at a party and didn't hear back from any of the 25 attendees that they'd gotten ill--in fact, many people asked what kind it was. I just figured the smell is due to the curing spices.

          1. Like some great cheeses, the stinkier the better!