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Jan 9, 2009 12:49 PM

Hidden gem - Jeema bakery (Drewry & Yonge)

Was on my way to this family style Korean restaurant and spotted this little tiny Persian bakery in the same plaza. First thing that popped into my mind about Persian sweets is just pastry drenched in lots of gooey honey. Being a hater of honey overdosed pastry, I did not feel like wasting my time. However, my SO couldn't help with the curiosity and ended up dragging me into the tiny shop.

Drab decor, but we were there for the food, so whatever. We ended up buying 4 different items, apricot pie, date pie, date cookie, and baklava. Both pies are fresh and dense. Date cookie is fully stuffed with diced persian dates in the centre. The cookie was huge and coule easily be eaten as a breakfast itself. Baklava is THE BEST baklava i've ever tasted. Unlike all the baklava I've tried, this one is crispy (even after couple of days), with subtle flavours of rose water, nuts, and honey. The best thing from the bakery is that none of the items is toothachingly sweet!

Went back again couple of weeks later and tried out more things. This giant donut with cream custard inside is the best donut i've ever had; however, i did not see the donut during my 1st visit, it is possible the store carries different selections on different days. Also tried their walnut cookie, which has a hint of ginger in it.

I do hope this bakery gets more support from its neighbourhood. I will try to get the exact address and phone # next time I visit. Wish everyone will get a chance to give this place a try.

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  1. Do they have long thin flatbreads?

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      Are you talking about barbari bread? Garni Bakery in Richmond Hill (Yonge & Weldrick) has amazing barbari. It's addictive!

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        no, this bakery only deals with sweet pastries

      2. Sounds great- hope to try this place soon!

        1. Sounds great - thanks for the review oohlala.

          1. We happened to be heading right by the plaza on Sunday so I decided to swing into the parking lot hoping for some unplanned baked delights, all the while wracking my brain for your recommendations.

            Unfortunately, they were closed... And I didn't see any posted hours at all, much less a phone number, so I can't shed anymore light on this bakery except to say that (I think) they're closed on Sundays!

            By the way, was the Korean family restaurant the one near the inner end of the plaza? If so, was the food worth your time to post about it?

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            1. re: homebaker

              that's unfortunate! I have a feeling the owner probably deals exclusively with Persian customers only. If i do go again, I will hunt down their business card and hopefully their business hours as well.

              Well, my gf likes the Korean family restaurant in that plaza. Food itself isn't oversalted like most other korean restaurants and feel unrushed with the service. I find korean restaurants north of Finch usually have more Korean customers, though the price might be 10-15% higher than the ones south of finch. Just an observation :)

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                Is the plaza located on Drewry or Yonge? Any landmarks to look out for to make it easily spotable??

                1. re: magic

                  it's right at drewry and yonge, southwest corner, on the north side, there's a coffee time and on the east side of the plaza, theres a food basics. I believe there's a 24h burger joint in that plaza with this super bright green sign.

                    1. re: oohlala

                      I drove by it last night when I was in the area. I believe it’s called Jemma and Gita Bakery. Unless I’m remembering wrong. But I think that’s what it’s called. Located more on Drewry than on Yonge.

              2. Sorry, I don't get this at all. I picked up several items (various cookies, biscuit-like things, a tart with apple filling, a puff, etc.), and almost all were uniformly bland, didn't seem particularly fresh, and showed a lack of finesse (it's true that they're not that sweet though). There was a white rice flour/rosewater cookie that I did like, and the tart was okay. I know I didnt try the items mentioned above (didn't remember), but it's hard to conceive of such discrepancy from one set of items to the next.

                As far as the baklava goes, they only make -one- version, the walnut (you can ask them to make other versions if you're prepared to buy in a larger quantity), which sits in the back, and while it was decent, it's not even close to the same league as Patisserie Royale's offerings. I also found it still too sweet.

                I may stop by again sometime to sample a couple of those other sweets mentioned, but I would say to keep your expectations in check, and judge for yourself. It's too bad; I was looking forward to this place.

                jayt90 - for barberi bread in the area, stop by the 24hr Khorak Supermarket a couple blocks north (in the Sleep Country plaza) or the Pars Bakery in the plaza right next to it.

                The Korean Family Restaurant is pretty solid, as I remember from a couple of years back.

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                1. re: Chester Eleganté

                  i guess i was pretty lucky both time when i stopped by. Some of the pastries were just finished when we got it (eg the donut) and we always managed to take the first few pieces of the entire baklava tray.

                  I forgo the cookies since they all look the same (i believe they're all butter cookies). Not too sure what the donut is called, but if you do see it, i highly recommend it. If you ever get a chance to try it, let me know what you think, i'll like to know what you think :)

                  1. re: oohlala

                    Cool...yeah, freshness was part of the problem.