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dinner tonight? (spadina/bloor)

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I went to make a reservation for Harbord Room, and found they are booked up. Now Im scrambling.... 4 people, less then $50/pp and pretty much anything but seafood.
where would you go?

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  1. Nataraj. Or 93 Harbord.

    1. Or Mount Everest.

      1. Loire? Tho it's likely booked solid, too. The food's v. good at 93 H and nice room. Nataraj is too student for me.


        1. nataraj and mount everst are more plebian indian whereas harbord room is more trendy dinner spot - if what you want is along those lines, i'd pick insomnia at bathurst and bloor, for vibe's sake.

          1. Vdara just west of Queen & Bathurst great comfort food in a sexy dining room.