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Jan 9, 2009 12:34 PM

Pomodoro Brookline ?

Will be in the vicinity of Pomodoro early on a weekday and looked at their website and on Open Table. Both have listings only for the Northend Pomodoro. Thought this was strange.
Anyone been recently? What's good? How are the fried clamari? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The fried calamari are among my favorite in town, as is the red sauce that accompanies them. I've also been really impressed with their desserts, especially the tiramisu.

    1. Pomodoro is a neighborhood favorite of mine. I love the seafood Fra Diavlo and my husband loves the Bolognese. It's a small location but the servers and very warm and even give free desserts on accasion . The tiramisu is excellent!

      1. for the combination of great food, relaxed and friendly service, and reasonable prices, this is one of my favorite boston spots. i particularly enjoy sitting at the bar - the bartender who is usually there is great - always attentive and friendly no matter how insanely packed it is. i've never had anything i didn't like there, but i am a special fan of their whole roasted fish. it is always moist, flavorful, absolutely delicious.

        1. Only been there once. I like the atmosphere, and the service (despite a really, really busy night) was amongst the best I've experienced in Boston -- the manager gave our table free starters and pudding too! But the food -- only so, so I'm afraid. My wife had the Bolognese (mentioned by another poster) and I thought it was B- at best. I'd like to give it another try, because of the great staff, but still working through other places I haven't been to yet.

          Having said that, for Brookline village Italian, it's probably your best best.


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            TrueBlu, how do you rank it against La Morra, the other sit-down Italian place in Brookline Village?

          2. Finally made it to Pomodoro in Brookline last night. We had an 8 p.m. reservation. We were shocked when we entered the restauran- it was absolutely packed, roaringly loud and no one in sight to greet people. However, within two minutes the bar tender inquired about our reservation, found a place at the bar for us to stand, poured water for us and set down a basket of bread and a plate of oilve oil with olives. He said it will only be a few minutes which seemed unlikely give the crowd of people standing up. Sure enough, within ten minutes we were seated, given new bread and drinks ordered.
            The food was very good with small exceptions. We had the calamari which were crispy but very bland- lacked salt. The arnacini were supposed to contain duck but there was nothing but rice. The locally foraged mushrooms stuffed with sausage were just right.
            One DC have the whole fish which was excellent- served with fingerling potatoes and olives. Another had the linguini with white clam sauce - also excellent. I had the linguini with meatballs, again very tasty. Desserts- fig bread pudding and an apple and quince cobler were also excellent. Service was surprisingly good. Thanks to everyone for the recommendations.