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Jan 9, 2009 11:59 AM

Mussels in Montco.?

I am on a personal pilgramige for mussels in the suburbs, specifically Montgomeryville area. I know I can't get Eulogy or Monks quality out here but I never stop trying. So far I've been to Maggios, Giuseppe's Pizza, Bacca's, and a few other places, all pretty local, none of which really deliver which is why I am holding out for a possible Belgian Restaurant at the Old Broad Axe. I even tried Issac Newton's in Bucks, no dice, not bad, just a small count. Any suggestions would be appreciated. TIA!

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  1. The Drafting Room in Springhouse has all you can eat mussels, I have not had them personally but heard they are pretty good.

    My favorite mussels in the area are the coconut curry mussels at the Grey Lodge. While it is in the northeast, and not Montco proper, it is just a short drive and totally worth it. Great beer selection too. I'm actually not a big fan of Monk's mussels, find them too gritty, and I think the Grey Lodge has far better mussels than Monks.

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    1. Actually, Bonefish in Willow Grove has a pretty good mussels dish.

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        they don't do lunch, right? I did try the mussels at Bertucci's in Huntingdon Valley and they were great. Excellent Marinara and all the rolls you could eat. $9.95. They also have them in wine and garlic sauce. I was pleased. Good count, as well.

      2. The place at Old Broad Axe fell through. They were the same owners of Eulogy.
        I really like Chick's in Bridgeport's Mussels. I haven't had them in a few years but they were always some of the best ones in Montco.

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          Not exactly close to Montgomeryville but Craft Ale House in Limerick has excellent mussels and is worth the trip. Sixteen craft beers on tap and more than a hundred bottles.

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            Thanks, RC. Will definitely try Craft Ale House. Hope they have a Veggie Burger for my wife. Again, much appreciated.

        2. Check out Campbell's Place in Chestnut Hill too. Goes against everything I beleive, but I love the blue cheese mussels.

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            We love the mussels in red at Mirna's in Blue Bell... that's where I go when I need a fix!! :)

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