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The Palm - Opinions?

I know The Palm is supposed to be for "tourists," but I am a native and it is one of my favorite places to go for dinner. Other opinions?

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  1. that's the same way i feel about delfrisco's

    1. Native New Yorker here also, one of my top 3 in the city for steak and lobster. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Palm, 15 or so year ago, the then GM(Luciano)asked for a picture of me and my old man for the wall.
      The Palm s lobster cant be beat, there are places that have better steaks, IMHO but all in all a great place. The best thing on the menu at the Palm, is the chicken parm a little crispy.

      1. my boyfriend has lived in the city his entire life as well. it is his favorite restaurant. i think steakhouses are a personal decision. i hate keens but everyone else seems to love it. if you try it make sure you go to the original. palm too is good but the original is better. don't get the fish, stick with steak or the lobster & chixparm as baldwinwood suggested.

        1. If you have not tried Keen's, by all means do so. Prime dry aged porterhouse, for two, medium rare. Can't be beat....

          1. Sounds good. I have always wanted to go to The Palm. Thanks for letting us know it's a good place to eat. Do you know if different branches of The Palm within Manhattan have different qualities in terms of food, service and ambiance? Which one is the best in your opinion? Also, is there dress code at The Palm? Thanks ahead of time for your response(s).

            1. Walking back to our room at the Tudor Hotel on 42nd came across The Palm Restaurant, as out-of-towners we knew nothing about it. Poked my head in the door and this nice gentleman in a suit waved us in with a smile. The best steak dinner I've had in some time - well worth the price. The intimate scale and character of the place makes it all the more charming.

              1. In 15 years I've never had a bad meal at The Palm...always welcomed like royaly and always treated like honored guests. The steaks are great, the lobsters are phenomenal, and I had some very good lamb chops as well.
                No problems at the Palm

                1. It's an old-time NY hangout, not for tourists at all. The steaks are good, but they serve some of the best prime rib in the city.

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                    The Palm has a good reputation and is a name that has "landmarky" qualities. Ive been to the original, and Palm Too, and Palm in the Hamptons. The one in the Hamptons I like the atmosphere a lot more classy than the others. I must say that the lobsters at the Palm are pretty amazing, they are noted for the steak but try the lobster, I think they are normally 3 lbers. I havent yet tried the new Palm near Tribeca, next to Whole Foods , and BedBath Beyond on West St. I'll give it a try next week.. This week i'm recovering from food poisoning from bad clams,,,i will leave the name of the restaurant unnamed since ordinarily i like the place.

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                      For anyone who is a regular diner at the Palm....or if you dine twice a year, within six month of each visit, you should consider joining the 837 Club....which rewards you with a 5 pound Lobster Dinner for your birthday


                      BTW....membership Fee is $25....and they return it in the form of a $25 Gift Certificate so membership is actually free in the end.

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                        The birthday lobster weighs in at three pounds. You can upgrade it if you want to pay the difference.

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                        True the one in the Hamptons has better atmosphere, also, the p[alm in the theater district has really nice atmosphere and great service and food.
                        We also like sparks. The steaks are awesome and their house salad dressing is to die for. We purchase it to have at home.

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                          I recently ate at The Palm TriBeCa. My husband is a huge steak fan, loves the other Palms, and we live nearby. After reading so many good things about the lobster I had to try it. It was not only disappointing, it was awful. It was the most overcooked, rubbery lobster I have ever eaten. Perhaps I am biased since I had just returned from a trip to my parents' in New England where we'd had delicious lobster at home, but I thought this was one of the Palm's specialties. The waiter asked how everything was before I had taken a bite and then I couldn't get him back until after my dinner companions had finished. They offered us a free dessert (which of course no one had room for) but did not offer to alter the bill. I guess the moral of the story is stick to the steak - at least in TriBeCa.

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                            yuck...sounds frustrating and disappointing...(and, despite having enjoyed a nice prime rib at the BH branch of The Palm once, your post makes me happy in my decision to always eat at Dan Tana's instead of the Palm when in BH)...

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                              had the same experience every time, at NYC, BH, and Downtown LA locations. Will never go again unless forced for a business dinner.

                        2. I love the Palm. Labels don't mean anything, the only label anyone needs to know is "good" or "bad".

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                            Lobsters are great. Veal dishes are great also- I like the Veal Martini.My favorite item is the Monday night salad.

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                              The Veal Martini is great...and the Parm is fantastic as well.

                          2. I have never made it to The Palm since there are so many great steakhouses in the city and really never put it at the top of my list. I still would like to give it a try just to see how it stacks up. Seems like it gets some good feedback here. I have heard the prime rib is huge and the thing to get. I Must try.

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                              Biggest portion of delicious lobster and wonderful side dishes, to boot. My trip to The Palm did not even contain an order of beef. We went for the 6-7 pound lobster.


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                                Coincidentally, I am going there for dinner again tomorrow night. (I haven't been in over a year). I'll report back, but I think I already know what I am having - 3lb lobster, & in order to satisfy my beef craving I may have the steak tartare appetizer. Needless to say I am very excited!

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                                  LOL I have heard about some great lobsters at Palm. However, anyone who knows me on this board or as you can see from my name I am a steak fiend. I could not go to a steakhouse and not get the main event. However, I would love to try their lobster.

                              2. so which one is the best Palm 1, 2 or 3, the one's i know 1 & 2 are across the street from each other and #3 is on 48th st or in that area off of 6th ave.

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                                  For the food first and for the history second....their flagship location is:

                                  Palm One at 837 Second Avenue

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                                    I agree the original.....

                                    For some reason i really dislike the woman Maitre d' at 837. She s totally clueless and i have seen her do many things Luciano and/or Al would never do. I really try not to got here, where she s worlking.

                                    1. re: baldwinwood

                                      I love Pic - always as sweet as can be, and in total control. Gus the long time Maitre D', and NY legend, has personally groomed her.

                                2. Does the Palm still offer a Pre Fixe? I remember a few years ago they offered a lunch pre fixe menu.

                                  1. The Palm is not only one of the most over-rated restaurants around, it is simply not good at all. I've eaten at The Palm over 15 times, 6 at their main NYC location, once at Palm II, 5 times in West Hollywood and twice downtown LA. Each time the meal has been disappointing beyond words - and I LOVE steakhouse cuisine. The steaks are painfully mediocre, the "famous" half and half cottage fries/onion rings are flat out awful - bland, greasy, cold at times, and once when I ordered lobster it arrived half cooked,, and half raw and gelatinous. Combine that with routinely long waits, slow service and an unearned premium price point and here's the conclusion - I'll never eat there again, even if someone else is paying. People rave about this place but ignore them - at one point everyone thought the world was flat. There are tons of great steakhouses out there, and even more good ones. This is not one of them. The Chowhound community can easily point you in the right direction for recommendations. I'm saying it out loud - The Palm Emperor has no clothes.

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                                    1. re: OC Mutt

                                      why on earth would you go to a place you clearly despise FIFTEEN times? a second try, ok. a third? maybe on a flyer. but FIFTEEN times? something's a litle off here.

                                      1. re: david sprague

                                        I agree with you David, something doesnt add up... Someone who favors a steak restaurant that gets their steaks delivered frozen by sysco and served in a ton of butter clearly has different taste than most on this topic. To each their own.

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                                          I had to giggle when I read this one- Do you think he has a blackboard with the numbers on it? Seems to me someone has an adgenda, and is this what this board is about? I can not count how many times that I have been to the Palm ( in many locations), and have never had any of those experiences. I have had great food and professional service. PS- I have no adgenda.

                                          1. re: david sprague

                                            It was always as a result of being invited by others or for business. It was never of my own volition, and always as a part of a group. I'm not one of those obnoxious people who refuses to go to dinner with friends or family and especially on business just because I don't care for a place.

                                            1. re: OC Mutt

                                              I empathize. Deeply. I'm constantly being dragged to restaurants I dislike or hate for business or family reasons.

                                              No opinion on the Palm. I know I've eaten there at least once, but don't remember the meal at all, which means that it was probably neither outstandingly good nor bad.

                                              1. re: cimui

                                                My point exactly. And thanks for being reasonable and objective - it's not as much fun as speculating about some nefarious agenda on my part, but it's accurate. To me the most important X factor in any restaurant is whether I have the desire to return.

                                                1. re: OC Mutt

                                                  i went to the W.H-wood Palm a couple times (on business dinners when it was chosen by others)...the food was completely forgettable except for the prime rib, which was excellent...

                                                  i have nothing against the place, but i'll always choice a non-chain place if possible (e.g. Dan Tana's when in LA, Keens when in NY) before i'd return...

                                              2. re: OC Mutt

                                                15 times in restaurant you despise? At some point you'll just have to step up and say "How about another steakhouse?"

                                                Apparently, everybody else around you seem to like it.

                                                BTW, I don't like the restaurant, too. But, I've only been twice.

                                                1. re: RCC

                                                  for the record, i find it pretty much OK . have been a few times and thought the steak so so, the lobster very good and the sides and suc h good too. it's a little over-testosteroned vibe -- the original location, which is the only one i can speak to -- which makes me (someone who doesn't wear a power tie, much less throw one over my shpulder to chow down) less likely to enjoy.

                                          2. I have been going to the Palm Too since the mid 80s when my father started taking me there, and while I don't think it is ALWAYS the best steak (forgive me Dad, but Keen's rules) , it is consistent, and the staff have become like family.

                                            I think one thing that is often over looked is the veal parmigiana. Remember, the original owners, when they got off the boat from Italy, wanted to name the restaurant Palermo. The rushed (or uncaring) clerk at the business license board wrote down Palm instead, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Veal parm. remains, however, and it is my favorite anywhere. (In fact, I have had it the last 5 visits).

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                                              If the version of this story I have read is correct (and it does seem more logical to me) is that they wanted to name the restaurant Parma, but were misunderstood and it ended up being Palm. Perhaps this explains why a specialty would be veal Parmigiana.

                                              1. re: rrems

                                                The old GM at the 837 location, (Luciano) told me a similar story, Parma was misunderstood and changed to Palm....

                                                1. re: baldwinwood

                                                  Stand corrected.."Parma" makes much more sense.

                                            2. It's been about 10 years since I've been to the palm. But the first time I went was the first time I visited a true Steakhouse and realized that there were institutions dedicated to cooking a fine piece of meat. This was 16 years ago back when Palm was in its prime. It was a life-altering event for me, part of what keeps me hooked to steakhouses.

                                              I had two mediocre experiences in a row at Palm (one) about 10 years ago - steak delivered to the table lukewarm, staff distracted by bigger tables nearby, forgetting our order... things like that, two visits in a row. So I started expanding my horizon to other steakhouses in the city.

                                              I live about 10 blocks away from palm one (and too) and often walk by wondering if it's worth going back, but with so many other options I usually skip it.

                                              For me the palm is like the first person I ever slept with. It was a momentous event, but life has moved on for both of us. But I often wonder...

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                                                  Love that too...though I did end up marrying an old girlfriend, and couldn't be happier about it. Perhaps the Palm deserves another try...

                                              1. The Palm does some things extrememly well. Lobsters and NY Strip in particular. The Italian stuff is also very good.

                                                I have been eating there for 40 years. And almost invariably get great food. Like any restuarant, being a regular counts for a lot. That is not to say that newcomers should get an inferior meal. Sometimes, people go places and start off on the wrong foot with the staff and don't know it and that is a ticket to a crappy meal.

                                                1. Looking back at my last post on this, I see I didn't write back on my meal. I can't even recall what we had, which says something because I remember all great meals. I might not remember what day it is, but great food I never forget.

                                                  1. I have been to The Palm in NYC, E. Hampton and Nashville of all places. The steak has always been excellent. The lobster looks great but for me it's a steak place.
                                                    I have never had the feeling it's a tourist trap.