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Jan 9, 2009 11:55 AM

The Palm - Opinions?

I know The Palm is supposed to be for "tourists," but I am a native and it is one of my favorite places to go for dinner. Other opinions?

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  1. that's the same way i feel about delfrisco's

    1. Native New Yorker here also, one of my top 3 in the city for steak and lobster. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Palm, 15 or so year ago, the then GM(Luciano)asked for a picture of me and my old man for the wall.
      The Palm s lobster cant be beat, there are places that have better steaks, IMHO but all in all a great place. The best thing on the menu at the Palm, is the chicken parm a little crispy.

      1. my boyfriend has lived in the city his entire life as well. it is his favorite restaurant. i think steakhouses are a personal decision. i hate keens but everyone else seems to love it. if you try it make sure you go to the original. palm too is good but the original is better. don't get the fish, stick with steak or the lobster & chixparm as baldwinwood suggested.

        1. If you have not tried Keen's, by all means do so. Prime dry aged porterhouse, for two, medium rare. Can't be beat....

          1. Sounds good. I have always wanted to go to The Palm. Thanks for letting us know it's a good place to eat. Do you know if different branches of The Palm within Manhattan have different qualities in terms of food, service and ambiance? Which one is the best in your opinion? Also, is there dress code at The Palm? Thanks ahead of time for your response(s).