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Jan 9, 2009 11:40 AM

Calamari meatballs at The Daily Catch in Boston

Awhile back there was a discussion of concerning calamari meatballs served at The Daily Catch in Boston.

I have posted here several times regarding the calamari meatballs at The Daily Catch in Boston. The moderators feel this topic is best discussed in the Home Cooking section. I happen to disagree because it's a discussion of the calamari meatballs at The Daily Catch in Boston so the Boston area forum would be appropriate. After all, the only people who would have any knowledge that there is such a thing as a calamari meatball would be the folks who frequent the Boston forum.

Anyway, I happen to think that the calamari meatballs at The Daily Catch in Boston are spectacular.

Eat Well.

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  1. The discussion, just like the old one that was on the Boston forum, was about making how they made the calamari meatballs. I made an attempt at recreating them at home and thought folks who frequently The Daily Catch in Boston would like to discuss that.
    I hope I have stayed on topic here!! [tongue-in-cheek]

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    1. re: CosmicMiami

      You sure have a thing for those meatballs, huh? I think you're totally on-topic, saying they are good, check them out. But the digression about how to make them is what probably got the mods hot and bothered. Soooo.....

      If people want to opine about how to go about making them, they can respond to your thread on the Home Cooking board, here -->

      1. re: CosmicMiami

        Here's a link to CosmicMiami's post in the Home Cooking forum, for those who are interested:

        Feel free to discuss The Daily Catch here, but please continue any discussions about making calamari meatballs (which are not specific to the Daily Catch nor to Boston) on home cooking per the above link. Thanks for helping us keep the respective boards focused on their relevant topics.