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Jan 9, 2009 11:29 AM

Best bread in Vancouver

Where's the best place to buy bread in Vancouver? Or maybe I should modify that and say, what company makes a good, crusty country loaf that isn't a baguette?

I was in Portland last year and picked up a loaf of bread at the farmer's market (unfortunately can't remember the name of the company) that was to die for, and I haven't been able to find anything like that here. It was great eaten with butter, great as toast, and then again as part of a panzanella. Mmm.

Advice please?

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  1. Give Swiss Bakery and Terra Breads a try. There are other hearth oven bakeries in town too.

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      I must say that I love the bread at Swiss Bakery. Their baguettes are a must for me to eat with cheese, sausage, beer, etc. I've tried some of their loaves too and they're good, plus they have quite a selection of different kinds. Check it out!

    2. I've become a fan of the various breads from Quince (3rd and Burrard), though they don't make *a lot* of it so it pays to go in the morning. It may in part be their proximity to Les Amis de Fromage, but whenever I'm in Kits, I crave their baguette, some creamy cheese or French butter and some alone time.

      Mix the Bakery on West 10th (past Alma, near the Safeway and Liberty Wines) makes lovely breads (and some tasty sweet things too).

      Also, not technically in Vancouver, there's a bakery in Langley called A Bread Affair that once had an outpost in the West End and occasionally makes it to the Farmer's Markets. Their bread was also good.

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        I'm in love with Mix's campagna bread. So good!

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          I don't know if this would fit the OP's bill but the Mix hummingbird loaf is purty darn tasty too -- a few extra seedy things in it. I also like the baguette at Patisserie Lebeau for a lighter, softer crumb than say, Terra's, that is less baguettey and more bready to me, if that makes any sense.

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            I second Mix. Good solid loaves to be had there. Terra is my next choice, especially for their rosemary and olive oil loaf.

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              And the Terra walnut bread is great with cheese, although it does have a slightly odd purplish hue :-).

        2. Not in Vancouver - but if you ever head out to Tofino, source bread by 600 Degrees. Julie Lomenda makes it in a wood-fired hearth oven using natural starter. It is excellent.

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