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Jan 9, 2009 11:21 AM

Good Food In/Around Canton?

I will be spending a day or so during the week in Canton for the next few months and was wondering if anyone could recommend good lunch places or maybe good places to get a quick dinner or a dinner to go. Thanks.

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  1. There's a very good Chinese-American restaurant in Cobbs Corner, I believe it is called Chinatown. Apparently, there is a Halfway Cafe also, good for burgers, fries, steamed clams, steak tips, etc. Bertucci's for decent, not great, pizza and pasta.

    1. Takara is a pretty good Japanese restaurant in the center of town.

      592 Washington St, Canton, MA 02021

      1. There's a new Korean BBQ in Cobb's Corner, in one of the smaller strip malls across the street from the big mall. It's a nice addition to the Canton scene. Friendly and good.

        1. Depending on where you are in Canton, it might be fun to head down 138 to Town Spa Pizza. Sure, it's not as great as it once was, but it's open for lunch, and the pizza's definitely worth a try.