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Jan 9, 2009 11:13 AM

need a simple roasted squash recipe

I'm trying to use alot of items I have on hand, I think a roasted vegetable mix would be my best bet.
I have an acorn and a butternut squash, I can use 1 or both
Also roastables on hand: Apples, Caluflower, Onions, Potatos, garlic.
any help would be great

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  1. The simplest "recipe" I use is to peel and cube the squash, toss with olive oil and some spices (chili powder with a bit of brown sugar, or some garam masala are two favorites of ours), roast at 425 for 25 minutes or so, depending on the size of your cubes.

    1. Cut vegies and taters into 1 inch-ish chunks. Peel garlic cloves. Toss everything on oiled baking sheet with a little salt, maybe some fresh herbs if you happen to have them on hand. Roast at 400 till carmelized. Eat

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        I'm in love with roasted EVERYTHING - Do as Bex says, I like cumin - I've done rosemary & olive oil too. Last night a bit of ponzu sauce and it was great. I happen to marinate some salmon in ponzu so thought I'd carry it through - leftovers were fantastic too. I roast everything - my fav is red onions (could eat a huge bowl).

        leftover roasted vegies make a perfect soup.

      2. Split and roast squash, covered in a pan split side down with a little liquid, 350 for 30-45 minutes.

        When it is soft, scoop out squash and a little butter, salt, some spices, and a little creme cheese and use a hand mixer to whip it, you can even add honey.