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Jan 9, 2009 11:06 AM

How much do you tip the delivery guy? [Moved from Manhattan board]

A percentage of the meal's cost or one flat rate? Curious...

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  1. covered fairly recently here:

    I'm pretty much a flat $5 - if it's a lot to carry, $10 it it's a lot to carry

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      I always knew it as 50 cents per bag -- In my neighborhood, they don't carry the bags, they push them in a giant cart

    2. None...because I don't do delivery. If I'm too lazy to cook and decide to order out I figure the least I can do is send DW go get it. (Just kidding. Actually one or the other of will go fetch it.)

      1. The US custom is 10% for the delivery person as a tip, rounded up to the nearest dollar, with additional if the delivery person has to negotiate nasty weather, stairs, or significant traffic - the latter two are typical in Manhattan, so prevailing tip rates tend to be justly higher there for those reasons.

        1. OP, there are so, so, so, so many threads about this topic. A five second board search will provide you with more answers than you were probably looking for. :)