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Jan 9, 2009 10:47 AM

Prima or Postino? (Walnut Creek and Lafayette)

Normally don't spend our dining dollars so close to home, but the new kiddo is keeping us close for now.

Postino looks to have nicer atmosphere, but the Prima menu at least sounds better/more interesting.

Been to most of the other usual suspects in the area.

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  1. I have been to both and definitely prefer Postino. Not that the food was bad at Prima, but nothing was outstanding and given what they charge, I did not find value there. I've had several dishes at Postino that were memorable.

    1. I vote for Postino, too. Charming and romantic ambience, and their food and service are truly first rate. Adam

      1. With two votes for Postino we headed there Saturday night.

        Service was friendly and efficient. Nothing more, nothing less.

        Food was overall good, with only one mistep. We started with the antipasto plate that had three salumis (not house made), three cheeses, and some marinated mushrooms and olives. Nothing unique, but satisfying. We then had a salad with goat cheese and pears. Again tasty and not unique in anyway (not sure how you'd make either of the above terribly unique).

        My wife had the duck breast. We requested it rare and it came medium-rare. The duck itself was tasty. A marmalade accompanied the duck, but my wife thought it was too sweet for the duck. They called it something fancy sounding, but it came with potato pancake that seemed to be flavored with fennel and something we could not pinpoint that gave it a bitter finish that was not all that pleasant.

        I had a special that was red wine risotto with venison loin on top. I requested the venison rare and it came medium. This was the worst transgression of the night. I of course could have sent it back, but I wasn't in the mood to deal with that. The risotto was nicely cooked and flavored.

        The sommelier helped to select an Italian red to go with our entrees. He highly recommended a Super Tuscan by Volte. It was a decent match with the duck and perfect with the venison. I also appreciated that he recommended a ~$45 bottle of wine without asking about price point. Nobody needs a reco for Gaja :-)

        Add to the above a cup of coffee, tiramisu, a half bottle of white and a 18% gratuity for a total of $210. I'd go back again, but I'd stroll not run.

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          it sounds like they are trying harder to create dishes that sound interesting on the menu than focusing on how it tastes.

          3565 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549