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Jan 9, 2009 10:38 AM

Your favorite recipes using chevre / goat cheese

I bought a 1 lb log of goat cheese at Costco a couple weeks ago and used 5 oz. of it for a scalloped potato recipe. What are your favorite recipes using goat cheese, for my remaining 9 oz (other than eating it w/ a fork? ;) )

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  1. Fritatta or quiche with goat cheese and asparagus. Also, savory chevre cheese cake.

    1. Assuming that the chevre is one that you feel is good enough to eat on its own, there's really nothing better than chevre chaud. just take a baguette or a rustic loaf, cut into slices (I like mine a little thick, especially if it's great bread), brush bread with olive oil, sprinkle some spices on top (anything you want, really) and toast just lightly in the oven. Put a slice of tomato on top and the chevre on top of that and bake in the oven until the tomato has cooked a bit and the chevre is nice and warm (but not too hot-- you want it to still keep some of its texture and not get runny).

      Super easy, and great as an alternative to bruschetta for an app/hors d'oeuvre.

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          I roast onions and bell peppers, then serve over pasta with a goat cheese cream sauce

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            It also works really well with pasta as a sauce. I like to use it with pearl couscous and spinach/other veggies. It gives it such a nice creaminess that bring everything together!


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              I took a roasted salmon filet and shredded it, mixed it with chevre, added S&P to taste and then stuffed the raviolis with it. I roasted a red bell pepper, minced it and added it to a bottled alfredo sauce. This went over the ravioli and then I completed the dish by sprinlinig crumbled feta over the whole thing.

            2. roasted beet salad. if i'm lazy, i just crumble it. if i feel fancy, i layer between beet slices for a pretty, layered stack of alternating ruby and white.

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                +1. Most of the time I end up with goat cheese, it's to make this.

              2. Martha Stewart has a great recipe for a goat cheese quiche with a hash brown crust.

                I made it to get rid of a package of frozen shredded potatoes (hash browns). It's yummy and freezes great:


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                  Thanks, I just saved this recipe to my favorites.


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                    I had some hash browns to use up and tried this. It was good! It is on the rich side so a small slice with a nice salad is perfect. This would be a good company brunch dish.

                    My only change I made to the recipe was to sub. shallot pepper (Penzey's) for the black pepper - I just moved and couldn't locate the black pepper!