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Jan 9, 2009 10:31 AM

il barilotto vs aroma osteria? (hudson valley)

i've been to aroma once, thinking about going to il barilotto. i know that they're owned by the same people and have seen the menus online, but what are the differences, other than the no reservations @il barilotto?


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  1. How did you like Aroma? From a person I trust who went there, I was not enticed.

    I found the food and the atmosphere at Il Bariolotto wonderful. I also attended a wedding there and it was wonderful. Yes, the no reservation policy is a royal pain, but at least there are no parking meters and you can drink your way to your reservation. No, they don't buy you a drink while you're waiting.

    IMO, it's worth the wait and the drive.

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      thanks for the comments on il barilotto. was planning on going out tonight, but the snow cancelled those plans...and neither place is open tomorrow, so we're likely heading over to new paltz. 36 main...

      at aroma: we thought the food was very good; not top-nyc italian, of course, but very good; far better than any other italian we've had in the hudson valley. pricing was extremely fair given the quality / size of meals...the only complaint we had (and why i don't think you, dolores, would like it) is it was *extremely* noisy. the aesthetics of the place, combined with a packed house, can easily lead to a headache. and i never felt that way at certain bars which play old-school punk music or things like that.

      thanks also for the leads on the cheese spread and salad reco: any other things which stood out?

    2. I recommend both but I prefer il barilotto. In my opinion it is more refined and more upscale then aroma. The service is very attentive without being stuffy. The smaller more intimate dinning room is also more appealing to me. I also find the food to more interesting. You'll also love the ricotta cheese spread that is served with the bread. If you go and are in the mood for a salad try the boston lettuce, Gorgonzola and prosciutto salad.

      1. I think it's a matter of personal preference. I thought the quality of the food at both was equal. I went to Aroma for lunch and it wasn't very crowded, so I was able to enjoy the openness of the building. I liked the Italian villa setting better than the Manhattan bistro setting of Il Barilotto, but of course that's a personal preference. It's been awhile since I've been to either one but I honestly don't remember thinking the food was better at one as opposed to the other.