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Jan 9, 2009 10:17 AM

Are There Good Eats in Punta del Este?

I will be in BA in March and would like to take a side trip for a couple of days. I am thinking of going to Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este and Mendoza. I know there are beaches, high-end shops and casinos in Punta, but is there good food?

Ideally I would like to go to Jose Ignacio, but as March is their "mid-season", it seems that most every restaurant there is closed except for La Huella. I assume that this is not the case in Punta, as it isn't as much of a seasonal place.

Any and all insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Las Huellas is pretty much "the" place to go in Jose Ignacio. It's not exactly a big community teeming with restaurants. In Punta, personally, I've never had a really good meal anywhere.... but it's not about food, it's about nightlife, the casinos, the social jetset, all that stuff.

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      If you are looking for a dining experience then you need to go to Garzon (francis mallman) or Sarava in Jose Ignacio. La Huella is a beach bar with average service and average menu. La Huella is the place to be seen but not the place to eat...

    2. One of my favorite places in Punta del Este is La Fonda del Pesca, a great hole in the wall joint on Gaviotas Street. There are no table cloths or cloth napkins, but the place has wonderful character. My favorite dish is the salmon raviolis with the tomato cream sauce (rosado in Spanish, I think). If you are lucky, the very colorful owner will come out to chat with you. This is mostly a favorite among locals and is off the normal tourist circuit, which also means it is more reasonably priced than other places in town.

      If you are looking for something more upscale, Lo de Charlie is always good. They serve excellent seafood, and the desserts are also not to be missed.

        1. Just returned from 3 weeks BA. Mendoza & Jose Ignacio. Nice in Jose Ignacio = Isla de Flores ( Need any suggestions on Mendoza?