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Jan 9, 2009 10:13 AM

STEAK - Grill or Broil? Broiling Tips?


Okay, so I am totally exposing myself as a meat novice here. I am a recovering vegetarian. I recently lived in Argentina for a year and loved the steak but haven't eaten much red meat since I got back because I think that I will be disappointed. But now I am craving some steak.

My boyfriend insists that the absolute, hands down best way to cook steak is to grill it, and that anything else is far inferior. Thus, he reasons, since we do not have a grill we cannot cook good steak at home. I have read great things about broiling steak, and think this is how most people do it at home anyway, and would argue that broiled can be just as good as grilled, but he knows much more about meat than I do so my argument doesn't go very far.

Can I get some Chowhounders to weigh in on the grill vs. broil debate? And also, since we have agreed to at least try to broil a delicious steak at home, I would love some tips on proper techniques/times/temps, etc. I like my steak medium-rare but I think B likes his a bit more done.

Thanks in advance!

  1. While grilling probably is best (though more carcinogens are produced), we get good results by frying in a cast iron skillet. If it is really hot to start, an honestly one-inch-thick NYstrip will be med. rare if fried three min. on each side. For some reason, PRIME steaks from Costco here (Oahu) are reasonably priced, and the last time I was there I found a package of choice that really could have been classified as prime (very well marbled with fat), so it was a bargain. If you can afford prime it makes a big difference.

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      If I am going to eat steak I am definitely down to pay for quality, but I would probably put grass fed beef as my number one criterion.

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        this appears to be a duplicate thread, with answers appearing both places... so far there are more comments on the other post.

    2. Folks, we are locking this thread, Cebca has a duplicate thread already going on this board.