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Jan 9, 2009 10:05 AM

Sushi Tomi - Satisfying Birthday Dinner!

I had been to Sushi Tomi with my family before, and had good experiences there. Last night, my brother treated me for my birthday.

We ordered one of the preselected nigiri combinations, along with some of our own selections from their checklist. Also ordered sake, seaweed salad, and both received miso soup with dinner.

Everything was very fresh and very good! The bluefin toro, especially, had wonderful mouthfeel and taste, but really no piece of sushi we ordered was subpar. Other standouts were the mackerel, scallop, and amaebi.

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  1. I heard good things about bluefin toro, what is the texture and taste of this particular fish?

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    1. re: Poeticalmath

      Fattier and less dense than maguro, with a silky smooth texture. Really lovely.

    2. Forgot to add the link:

      Sushi Tomi
      635 W Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041