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Jan 9, 2009 09:34 AM

a different pesach program in orlando

That is actually the name of it: A Different Pesach Program ( It is a program where you rent a villa or townhouse is a complex and they send you food for every meal. Did anyone go on this program or know someone who did who could give feedback on how it was (especially the food)?

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  1. Very interesting. Do they have something like this service in other communities, like five towns, Flatbush, Boro Park? This could be an economical option in a place like New York where you have the shuls, lectures, as well as the chol hamoed concerts, rides, movies and theatre. If you can have someone do the cooking and cleaning you can save yourself a bundle. I see ads for hotels for "only" $6,500 for 2 or $13,000 for a family of 4 (in my case).

    I like that they have a day by day menu. I plan on using it to guestimate how much Pesach would cost me if I buy everything takeout, except for the obvious easy items to cook.

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      You can probably find a personal chef to come and cook for you. Between paying the chef and buying all the food, you can probably do it for $5000-$7500

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        Sounds like alot, "A Different Pesach Program " would run $3,400 for pesach for 4 ($850 * 4). I would imagine that doing the same program in NY has got to be cheaper than doing it in Orlando since food costs would be lower.

        1. re: MartyB

          But you have to take into account airfare and the luxury of being in your own home with all the lectures etc...that you mentioned. That has to be worth something.

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            I guess what I am saying is that if someone would create a program tike "A Different Pesach Program " but do it in, say, the five towns, i.e. deliver prepared food for all days of pesach, then it should cost the same or less than the Orlando program. The cost savings being, as you said, that you do not have to fly down to Orlando and rent a Villa or townhouse.

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              Can't you just call up your local take out place and do just that?

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                True, but the program as described prepared all meals for you, no running around different stores, standing in line etc. and delivered it to you. As to how much value that is to you is the question. I find this option intriguing, but I would not pay mega bucks for it. This year I may price out offerings from takeout within the 5 boroughs besides the 5 towns and shop accordingly. As an example, as good and the deal is for the chicken special here at Brachs, I know damn well that Boro Park has much better ones. Will I go to Boro Park for a simple shabbos special, no, but when it comes to Pesach shopping for a week, well that is a horse of a different color.

    2. Did anyone go or know anyone that went to this program? Any feedback would be appreciated.

      1. We checked out this program before Pesach and found out that the mashgiach had no experience in kashrus, much less a hotel for pesach experience. Though I hear renting your own villa is great, for my family, the kashrus wasn't acceptable.

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          I'm not sure who you checked it out with but we received a very long resume from the mashgiach that had much experience with kashrut, as well as experience in many hotels for Pesach (he did a program in Arizona for a national hashgacha in 2008). In addition , he had a letter of recommendation from a renowned charedi rosh yeshiva as having a tremendous knowledge and experience in the kashrut arena.

        2. We attending the program this past Pasach. The food was terrible. Many of the meals were not edible and had to be thrown away. Never had such a bad experience. Stay away from this program.

          For several meals they ran out of food, we relied heavily on Matza and cream cheese. We spend a lot of money not to eat.