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Jan 9, 2009 09:25 AM

blue jello in the east bay

I'm hosting an inaugural party on the 20th. One dish red-blue-purple jello mold. And I have come upon an unexpected problem. I can't find blue jello. I've looked at Safeway, Andronico's, and Berkeley Bowl. Help!

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  1. Plain gellatin plus blue food dye or some blue sweetened drink?

    1. You might try some Mexican markets. If all else fails you can make your own.

      Use two cups of blue liquid ,... soda, juice ... look around ... there are blue beverages in the color you are looking for.

      Put one cup of blue liquid in a heat-proof dish. sprinkle with one pack of Knox gelatin.

      Bring the other cup of blue liquid to a boil. Add to gelatin mixture. Treat as you would any other bowl of jello.

      1. I've seen blue Jello-brand gelatin at Lucky's in Alameda. I think it's "blue raspberry" flavor.

        1. Purple? Why not a nice panna cotta?