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Jan 9, 2009 09:23 AM

Obsello Spanish Absinthe

Obsello [ob-SAY-yo] is a new Absinthe being made by an American distiller in Spain. I tried it recently and found it had excellent balance of bitter and sweet and wasn't overwhelmingly toungue-numbing as some Absinthes can be. It's less herby/botanical than, say, St. George, but it's very pleasant. At 50% abv, it's also a bit lower in alcohol than some Absinthes, which means you may want to add less water than usual.


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  1. I'd have to agree that it is quite a tasty absinthe. The bottle was a bit tricky to open for me though, they do a Maker's Mark like dip, but I could not find a tab or anything to help get it off.

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      Yeah, I had the same trouble getting it open. I ended up just cutting off the faux wax seal with a knife.