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Jan 9, 2009 09:10 AM

Lunch in Little Italy SD?

My husband and I are planning on grabbing some lunch in Little Italy today, anyone have any suggestions on where to get something CHEAP and YUMMY?

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Waterfront has a nice atmosphere and I go there for a beer occasionally but I've found the food consistently disappointing. Can't begin to fathom how they became known for good burgers, I've not been impressed. I concur though on Pete's and Mona Lisa, both great choices.

    2. Petes Quality Meat for sandwiches.

      Pete's Quality Meat
      1742 1 2 India St, San Diego, CA

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      1. re: JRSD

        Gotta second Pete's. You have four or five sandwiches to pick from - sausage and peppers, steak, chicken, eggplant and spiedini (rolled up veal), all grilled, and put on the good Solunto's bread. Solunto's is underappreciated for lunch.

      2. Mona Lisa deli (not the restaurant attached) for some of the best italian sandwiches ever. Certainly the best in SD. I recommend the one with all of the italian hams in it (I think it's the Deluxe or the Special?) and the Caprese. Pick up a Lemon or Orange Pelligrino can in the back to with it. Wonderfully cheap and excellent.

        Otherwise, go to Mimmo's. By day they are a full service walk-up deli and sit down. At night they're just sit down. You can get pizza, pasta, side salads of all kinds, and of course more italian sandwiches. They have tons of space indoors, a patio out front, and even a private patio in the back, which no one seems to use but is a great quiet little spot.
        Also a quick and cheap spot.

        And don't forget some espresso at Caffe Italia and some gelato a few blocks up at Pappalecco.

        1. Mona Lisa for sure. The Deli.

          Puerto La Boca has a very reasonable lunch menu for Argentinian food.

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            Thats argentine food, unless you are from the UK and still hold a grudge...