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Jan 9, 2009 09:10 AM

Vegan Friendly in MSP?

After two weeks of eating like we would never see food again on a very delicious trip to india, my girlfriend and I have decided to start 2009 off with a period of abstention from animal products.

Cooking at home has been challengeing but rather rewarding, but i would like to be able to go out every once in a while. Looking for your recommendations for places that can more than accomodate vegans, and specific ideas for what you would order. Ive never been to ecopolitan but it seems a bit too crunchy (i know, right, now im getting absurd, i want vegan friendly but not crazy hippy). Cafe Agri's menu seems pretty blah (the meat and dairy free items all leaned toward the unappealing crunchy) and generaly like things i could cook at home, but dont because they just dont entice.

Anywhere with good food, bruch/lunch included, even if its just a menu item or two, would be appreciated. Id also be curious to hear from people who have had experiences working with servers/cooks in places that can cater to, but dont generally serve, vegans.

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  1. so.jealous.of.india.trip :)

    wedge deli
    spoonriver/cafe brenda
    most places in uptown-- really! & places like bryant lake bowl and french meadow. . .
    restaurant alma (call in advance)

    i'm sure that more will come to me. . .

    1. Soupkitten mentioned most of the ones that I thought of at first. Pizza Luce and Galactic Pizza both make vegan pizza. I have never had the vegan versions of either of these, but I think they both make decent non-vegan pizza.

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        I pulled the annoying vegan card earlier this week at a group gathering which involved pizza luce. We got an athena minus the cheese with their Rinotta - nut-base cheese substitute. It was tasty, if very garlicky.

      2. Have you tried Hard Times Cafe?  If you don't mind the whole punk rock grunge atmosphere...... I have a hard time eating when the Ramones are busting out my eardrums BUT the food  was pretty good and they serve breakfast all day.
        Also you can try Little Tel Aviv.  They have some vegan friendly food. 

        Little Tel Aviv
        3238 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55416

        Hard Times Cafe
        1821 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454

        1. I heartily second soupkitten's suggestion of French Meadow. I was vegan for a while, and I wish I had known about this place. All the vegan menu items are clearly marked - no need to guess or ask detailed and possibly annoying questions about every dish. Now I eat dairy, eggs, seafood, and even chicken, but I always get something vegan at French Meadow because I want to support the fact that they have so many wonderful options - even desserts. It got really old just having to order pasta primavera or whatever at a lot of places.

          I also recommend Evergreen on Nicollet. They have a meat substitute for every kind of meat on their menu. I haven't tried all of them, but I thought the fake beef was pretty good. Even better than that is the three-cup tofu - tons of flavor. They definitely understand what vegan means, and all the vegan dishes are clearly marked on the menu.

          I think Birchwood might be on the "crunchy" side, but I like them too.

          By the way, another great resource for this kind of question is

          1. Don't forget the Triple Rock Cafe!! Some good sandwiches and creative brunch items -- nearly everything on the menu can be prepared vegan.

            Just schedule your visit to avoid the temptation of the free bacon happy hour on Wednesdays... :)