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Jan 9, 2009 08:58 AM

Soda CO2 Cartridges in Montreal

Does anyone know if I can get 8 gram cartridges of CO2 for my soda dispenser here in Montreal? The mark of my maker is Kayser but I'm pretty sure any one will do.

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  1. Try places like Pascal Hotel Supply or Monas...

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    1. re: eat2much

      I would try Ares kitchen supply. I can also ask my local 2nd Cup as they use them all the time in the Whipped cream whippers.

      1. re: eat2much

        Yep, Mona's has 'em. They were pretty cheap last time I stocked up (I think < $10 a box, but it's been a while). They are in the upstairs section to the right of the store.

      2. If this is for those personal foaming/whipping cream containers, I get mine at Monas. If, however, I'm feeling expansive, I can get them at Tuileries.

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        1. re: rillettes

          Different kind of cartridge, I think you can do some damage if you use the wrong kind. The whipped cream kind are cheaper, don't be seduced by the lower price :-)

        2. I think the cookware shop across the street from the Faubourg on Ste-Catherine St at Guy also carries the CO2 cartridges.

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          1. re: JadeMyst

            Oooh, that place on Ste. Catherine is expensive! And the ladies who work there are snooty, IMHO. (FWIW I had a bad experience trying to buy a pressure cooker from that place and will never go back.)

            1. re: anachemia

              Yes, that shop is a little expensive. I wonder if Dante's near JTM might carry them in their shop?

          2. The original comment has been removed