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Jan 9, 2009 08:49 AM

Please recommend knife sharpening service in Cleveland, OH area?

Can anyone recommend someone for annual knife sharpening service in the greater Cleveland area? Where do local chefs get their knives sharpened?

Many thanks!

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  1. I'm not from Ohio, so I can't be helpful in recommending a place to sharpen your knifes. I'm pretty sure most chefs sharpen their own knives. I had a few knifes that I wanted sharpened and I took them to a local butcher where I buy meat. He did them for me for free. Of course, I bought some meat when I was there.

    You might want to give it a try.

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      I send mine out....this guy does it right.

      The rates for sharpening are $1.00 per inch plus a $5.00 per total order service charge. All knives, including serrated knives, can be sharpened at that rate.

    2. Try calling around some of the nicer restaurants in the area and asking if they know of anyone. You might also look at a mail in service. There's a guy in Columbus that's supposed to be good. Check out

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        Angs9, Can you please share the name of your source in Columbus? I live there and am looking for a drop/off, pick/up service to minimize out of service time. The web site you referenced is in Galena, Ohio which is a god hour to hour & half from where I live and I really dont want a mail in service. Thanks!

      2. Shaker Heights Hardware does knife sharpening. You may want to call some of the foodie stores - Viking, William Sonoma, Sur La Table.

        1. I also know that the North Union Farmer's Market that is at Shaker Square every Saturday morning has a fellow who comes sometimes and does knife sharpening. He is supposed to be be good & I bet he does it at times & places other than there. Check their web site - it might be on it.

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            Steve Bottorff has his own website. According to his website, you'll need to call to arrange an appointment or wait a little while. He won't have scheduled public hours until March when he'll be at the Shaker Square market. He'll be available at other locations later including the Coit Road Market. His schedule is on his website.


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              Steve does a very good job. In the summer he can be found at the Lakewood NUFM

          2. The original comment has been removed