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Jan 9, 2009 08:34 AM

Need BYOB Help in Montco!

I've googled my brains out! We are a party of 12 for Saturday 1/24. Arpeggio won't take a reservation for a party over 10. Bocelli can't seat us until 8:00. We are looking for a 7:00ish time frame with folks coming from Warrington and Worcester. We would like to meet in the middle. What am I missing?

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  1. Have you tried Doylestown-ish? I'm not very familiar with the restaurants, but they seem to have a lot.

    There is a place that we like in Horsham, Cafe Lombardi. It's kind of our old standby (our "Cheers", if you know what I mean). The down side is that it is very noisey and can feel cramped.

    Would they go for something funky, like that Moroccan place on 611? You'd be going there more for the adventure than the food, but it's adequate & a hell of a lot of fun with a group. Wine, belly dancers, communal food....

    1. Zacharias Creekside Cafe has a back room that can accomodate a party of 12. The food is good to very good, the menu is varied, the owners are lovely and it is BYOB. It is located on the corner of 363 and 73 in Worcester.

      1. How about La Cava in Ambler? I have never been, but Chowhounds on this board seem to like it.

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          FYI, recent reviews of La Cava are not so good.

          Chefmonty: my sis has been to La Campagnola & likes it.

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            I agree with La Cava. We had girl's night there and although the food was so-so, the owner was obnoxious.

        2. Try La Campagnola in Lansdale. Nice Italian BYOB and thet should be able to accomadate a group that size.

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            What about Zakes in Fort Washington?

          2. You could try Mirna's on Rt. 202 in Blue Bell. It's our go-to place....been there about 50 times over the past 4-5 years. Good, reliable food.