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Jan 9, 2009 08:26 AM

Atlanta Business Dinner somewhere between Buckhead and Alpharetta?

Is there a good place for a new client business dinner somewhere between Buckhead and Alpharetta? I'm a foodie but don't know what type of food my customer likes so I'd like to suggest a restaurant that has a fairly broad range of food options. I'll be staying near Buckhead and the customer's office is in Alpharetta, so would like to meet somewhere between the two if at all possible. New to Atlanta area so don't have any idea on where to look. Thanks.

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  1. I've heard good things about Bisro VG in Roswell, pretty much right in between.
    Just been redone and it looks beautiful in there.
    Formerly Van Gogh's.

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      I love Bistro VG, but the Perimeter area (Sandy Springs/Dunwoody) is "in between" Alpharetta and Buckhead. Since you may not want to gamble on the client, there are plenty of chains there, from steakhouses to fish (McCormick & Schmicks), or maybe Seasons 52.

    2. Food 101 on Roswell Road just south of I-285 in Sandy Springs may be just what you need.

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      1. re: Milt

        Oh no! Please not Food 101. They're inconsistant and I've had some terrible meals there. Ruth's Chris is a safer bet (steakhouse) in that area at Roswell and 285, though it may be too far south if travelling from Alpharetta. You could also do any of the restaurants attached to perimeter mall, like maybe Garrisons. I'd play it safe for a business dinner, since you may not have a foodie across the table from you.

        1. re: jboeke

          Garrison's is no longer there. McKendrick's is great.

          1. re: Katj

            Another loss to the economy I guess. Thanks for the info.

            1. re: jboeke

              They just reopened it as a Hudson Grille, but they are owned by the same company. I just figured this out yesterday.

          2. re: jboeke

            I'd avoid chains if I were you... Like Ruth's Chris. Food 101 is a nice spot but I've only been to the Morningside location. I would suggest VG Bistro in Roswell if that's an option. It's not exactly close to 400 though, so be aware you'll be driving on Hwy 92 for about 4 miles.