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Jan 9, 2009 08:24 AM

Favorite desserts from your travels?

What are some of the desserts that standout from vacations you've taken? Today I was thinking about an outstanding cheesecake brûlée I had at Le Café du Monde in Quebec City. I have never seen this item on any other menu. Have you?

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  1. (don't know if it counts as dessert)

    but as Arola's Gastro restaurant in Madrid, they served small churros with chocolate at the end of the meal; it was just a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

    1. Polverones in Spain during the holiday season. So simple and so good (nuts, sugar, lard, usually some cinnamon or lemon), but they don't travel well at all.

        1. Bread pudding souffle at Commanders Palace, New Orleans.

          1. Flambeed caramel crepes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico