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Jan 9, 2009 08:19 AM

beer/wine/cheese near cobble hill?

i am getting together with some friends saturday night - i remember reading something recently online that linked to a bar/restaurant in or near cobble hill. i cannot remember the name, but i meant to bookmark it.

it had a very diverse, interesting beer list, a long wine list, and it had lots of small plates and (if i remember correctly) a serious selection of cheeses.

can anyone help me figure out what this place is??

many thanks!

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  1. okay, a bit more research and i found it: it's jake walk (


    if anyone has been, i'd be curious to hear how it was...

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      I really like JakeWalk and the people behind it (who run Smith and Vine, a wine shop up the street, and Stinky Brooklyn, a cheese shop across the street). They have a really nice selection of wines at very good prices and some really nice cheeses that they'll happily pair for you. The bartenders also know their stuff and are very friendly.

      The place does tend to get fairly packed on Saturday nights with locals, primarily late twenty- and early-thirtysomething professionals who look like they read the New Yorker. So if you have a big group, maybe call ahead to try and secure a table, or get there early.