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Jan 9, 2009 08:06 AM

Trevi - Lake Street - West Harrison

Has anyone been to this Italian restaurant on Lake Street? I believe it is fairly new.

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  1. Is it where Via Appia was, kaaasss?

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    1. Went the first night it was open. Typical Westchester northern italian. OK, but nothing special. Extremely noisy, but that might have been a result of the many large parties there, probably because of opening night.

      I'd be willing to try it again, but would probably try to go during the week when it would be likely to be less busy.

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      1. re: ericstratton

        I definitely think you should visit Trevi again because any restaurant I have been to opening night has not been a good representation of how the restaurant truly is. I have been to Trevi four times since it opened (once for a private party) and all four times I had GREAT food and GREAT service. As for the atmosphere, I did not find it too noisy at all. Although the restaurant was crowded, the tables are far enough apart (unlike many other restaurants in the surrounding area) that you are able to have a quiet dinner without yelling across the table or being distracted by other diners inches away!

        My favorite thing about Trevi is that you can go there for a quick casual pizza (I highly recommend the margarita pizza-fresh tomato and basil with a very thin and crispy crust!) or a great meal. They have a big bar that you can eat at also! (the only wine I've had is the house cabernet and I love it, I've ordered it every time so far).

        My boyfriend and I went there right around Christmas time and I had a personal margarita pizza, and he had the sea bass which he LOVED! It was probably one of the best fish dishes I have ever tasted (coming from someone who is extremely picky with seafood!). All of the appetizers I have tried there (most of them at the party I went to) were fabulous. My favorite would have to be the fried ravioli! I've had friend ravioli before and even made them myself but they did not even compare to these! I don't know if it was the cheeses they used or something in the breadcrumb seasoning but they are definitely worth cheating on any diet you may be on!

        Its a great restaurant to have in the area! It is decorated beautiful inside-nothing like Via Appia which was more like eating in an old Italian woman's kitchen! I would highly recommend trying it out, it's also a great alternative to NYC!

        1. re: MichelleAnn

          MichelleAnn-- sounds to me like you know your Italian food inside and out! I think i will try this spot in the near future. I only ate at Via Appia once maybe 7 or 8 years ago. All I remember is good pizza, long wait, forgettable decor, but friendly. And I don't mind Italian grandmothers' kitchens.

        2. re: ericstratton

          Delta Houseman..... What westchester places would you compare Trevi to?

          1. re: steelydad

            Steelydad: I'm going back tonight so will have a non-opening night meal to report on tomorrow. As to your question, it's similar to Moscato in Scarsdale or Lusardi's in Larchmont (but a little more casual and a bit less expensive).

            1. re: ericstratton

              Wow, so great to hear. I think this used to be my Dad's place. It was called Arturo's and then was sold to Cassarella's.

            2. re: steelydad

              Went to Trevi again last Friday night. I have mixed feelings about the place. On the one hand, the food is pretty good and the prices seem reasonable. (Typical northern italian menu, with a few unusual choices and several small pizzas as an appetizer to be shared or perhaps as a main course for one. Everything we had was perfectly acceptable but nothing memorable.) On the other, the service is spotty and the two times I have been (both weekend nights, admittedly) the place was full and the noise level bordered on deafening. I think the issue is that there are no noise-absorbing surfaces (hardwood floors, wood or wallboard walls, no accoustic tiles or similar sound buffers on the ceiling). So, when the noise level escalates everyone starts raising their voices to be heard over the din, and the situation gets out of hand. So, I'm willing to go back but will limit myself to weeknights when I hope the place is less than completely full.

          2. Trevi is located where Via Appia used to be. If you had ever been there; it's now completely renovated and really quite beautiful. The food isn't your typical Italian. You won't find parmigiana on their menu. I have been there a few times and tried something different each visit. The food is delicious, the service was top notch also. I think each time I try a new dish I can't believe it is better than the last time. I bet the noise level is due to the fact that they are always busy. I imagine if the restaurant were empty the vibe
            would be completely different too. It's nice to have a good restaurant without paying Manhattan prices. I'll keep going back.

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            1. re: jswebber

              What specifically did you have js and since you're new here, curious as to what other restaurants you like in Westchester, Italian and otherwise. Anything else to recommend?

              On the noise thing though, I've been to busy and noisy, busy and not noisy not busy and noisy too so more a matter of acoustics and deafening is not acceptable to me ever in a restaurant. Tarry Lodge is having similar problem --- and they are really busy -- and I understand they are seeking remedies.

              1. re: laylag

                I've tried a lot of different dishes. So far, the pizzas were all delicious, the fried ravioli, fried fish appetizer. I also had a salad with endives and figs. I had a few different pastas and the veal scallopine too. All were great. The friends we were with had osson bucco, fish dishes and the steak . Everyone loved it. I think the food is similar and on par with Lusardi's in Larchmont with more reasonable prices. I think the noise level is higher when they are busy. I have been there when it wasn't as packed and it definitely was quieter. I don't think they are done with the decorating either. I would think that window treatments and more wall tapestries would probably solve their acoustic issues. Go try it, you'll enjoy it.

            2. so we finally tried trevi tonight, and so glad we did (we are from w. harrison, and remember how badly via appia had gone downhill, so it's nice to have something good take its place). to start, my mom and i shared the endive, fig & gorgonzola salad, which was very nice, but i thought there was just a bit too much creamy dressing on it, so now i know for next time. we also had the clams stuffed w/ pancetta & breadcrumbs, but i only had 1 and it was pretty small, so it was more like an afterthought.

              for mains, i ended up having the bosco wood fired pizza w/ wild mushrooms, carmelized onions, mozz, black truffle & was soooo good, and am anxious to try their margherita next time. the mozzarella was high quality, and the carmelized onions & mushrooms were a winning combo. it was a nice thin crust pizza, w/ the crust a bit charred, just the way i like it! my mom and grandmother split the gnocchi pomodoro, and they were heavenly and made w/ ricotta; so light and fluffy, and the sauce was just right, w/ maybe a touch of cream added, and a nice amount of basil. i could've gobbled up the whole thing no problem. homemade pasta is so amazing, it's too bad it's such a laborious process. they also split the veal scalloppini, and it was so tender (even i tried it and i could care less about that dish), w/ awesome mashed potatoes that were spot on. they loved it.

              for dessert (they're all homemade except for the cheesecake we were told), we split the chocolate cake w/ dulce de leche gelato and the bread pudding. i am a huge bread pudding fan, and it was really good, except the caramel sauce really just made it too sweet, but the homemade cream made up for it. the chocolate cake was basically a lava cake, it was pretty good, but the gelato was meh compared to others i have had. but all in all, a very enjoyable meal, the service was excellent, w/ the hostess being especially accommodating for my disabled grandmother who needs a walker to get around. but i can't wait to try some more stuff there, cuz i bet it's a place where everything on the menu is good! cheers

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                1. re: westchesterdiner

                  loveeee this restaurant. I have never had a bad meal and prices are definitely reasonable. They also carry a great after dinner liquor, faretti biscotti flavor.