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Jan 9, 2009 07:57 AM

Breakfast - Bay & College


Long-time lurker and first-time poster here. I'm looking for a nice, yet not overly expensive breakfast spot in the Bay and College vicinity - either within short walking distance or on the subway line - that's appropriate for a colleague's birthday celebration (i.e., ideally no greasy spoons, as much as I love 'em).

Despite the middling reviews of Eggspectations I've read here, it's a likely contender for us, given the location and price range. Just wondering if anyone else has other suggestions. BTW, I've enjoyed Eggstacy (Bay & Bloor), but wonder if they're still open.


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  1. According to another recent thread, Eggstacy is closed.

    I'm drawing a blank on recommendations. The only breakfast place I can think of in the area is Fran's, which may be too much on the "greasy spoon" side of things for your purposes.

    1. There's nothing really "brunchy" in the area. Have you thought of Pogue Mahone's? There is a Richtree in College Park but previous posts suggest it's not that great. You should consider walking down to the Delta Chelsea. They have a nice buffet at the restaurant there, lots of variety and go early when it's fresh.

      1. Hey... what about Brownstone's on Yonge, north of wellesley?

        I've only been there once, but the food was decent and service was extra-friendly.


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          Is there a spot on the south east corner of Carleton and Church? I think that it is called Day Break. I've seen it from the streetcar but have never eaten there. Perhaps another poster could wade in on this?

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            Daybreak is indeed at Carlton & Church - huge portions/menu, friendly service and decent-ish breakfast dishes.

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              I live right next door to Daybreak. Huge portions and reasonably priced. Suitable for breakfasty items and they do a decent job. Forget dinner there - yuck. Decor is nothing special but washrooms are on the same floor.

          2. Golden Griddle at Carlton between Yonge and Church?