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Jan 9, 2009 07:55 AM

Dim Sum in Boulder or Niwot CO

I will be visiting my brother in Niwot next week and would like to take him out for dim sum or to a soup/noodle place on Saturday. Any recommendations?


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  1. I didn't love Lee Yuan in Boulder as much as King's Land (or Super Star, though I know I'm in the minority in preferring KL) in Denver, but other hounds I had a meal there with once liked it more than me, and I know they've just started doing dim sum.

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      Some dim sum also available at the Fat Cat. Noodle House, which was received just a couple of weeks ago by the BOULDER WEEKLY. See

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        I was in Lee Yuan the other week, they now have added a smattering of 'regular' dim sum offerings to their menu, such as siu mai and turnip cake. Both the Taiwanese and 'regular' dim sum are on a picture menu, but you might have to ask for it instead of the lunch/dinner menu.

        Heaven Star wasn't open as of last weekend (the Super Star offshot opening soon in Broomfield).

      2. This is Colorado, not exactly the dim sum capitol of the world. It appears you're coming from the Boston area, why set yourself up for disappointment. Take him to Colterra (Niwot), Terroir (Longmont,) or Black Cat, 4580, Q's, Chez Thuy or Aji (all in Boulder.)

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          FWIW, I came from Boston too, and I still liked King's Land. No, it's not Chinatown, but it ain't bad.

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            I lived in Boston and THEN in the NY area, and I like both Kings Land AND Super Star. They might not be in a Chinatown, but the ambiance at each is as close as we get in this beauitful mid-country state.

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            I tend to agree with chowmix - unless having dim sum is the main goal, there might be better brunch-type options. KL and SS are nice enough, but if you are used to Chau Chow City/China Pearl/whatever-the-favorite-Bostonian-dim-sum-is-now, they aren't really on par. Plus, they are a bit of a haul from Boulder/Niwot.

            TAN: What have you had at Chez Thuy that you liked? I've been there a few times and must have ordered the wrong things - the pho was not good, and some of the curries were meh. The best dish I tried was some kind of spicy tomato beef, which was nice but not life-altering.

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              True. But I begin to feel here re the East Coast the way I felt in Boston re NY—what's the point of comparing? If you want something, you want it, and unless you can afford to fly yourself to the point of comparison, you make do. Or you go without, but really...I thought KL especially, if without the range of Boston's Chinatown (& I know you know it well too), was solid.

              Still, I'll add that LSP is hardcore & knows her business more than I do when it comes to dim sum. It really depends on whether the OP is more or less hardcore.

              1. re: tatamagouche

                Haha, I don't think I'm really hardcore :) if I was, I'd know what kind of dim sum 'regular' dim sum really is :) (maybe Hong Kong?). Anyway, I do get what you are saying, and I generally do without or cook it myself, then binge when I travel to someplace with good X, whatever X might be....

                re: KL, I have been there a few times, and it was kinda variable, although that can be true of dim sum places in general. The chow meetup was one of the better times, I've also gone when things seemed to be languishing on the carts and not as fresh, with less selection. If driving down there wasn't such a pita, I'd probably visit pretty often.

                For the OP, I will add here that Denver dim sum tends to open a lot later than Boston. Many places open at 11, or at best 10 am. But there is no where near the line/wait that you see in Boston, maybe a short wait at Super Star (although I hear that might have lessened since the opening of Star Kitchen nearby).

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                  Actually we need to have another board get-together, it's been awhile. I'll try to get my act together and organize one...

                  Karen, if you do decide to go a non-dim-sum route, what are you interested in?

                  1. re: tatamagouche

                    My brother just moved to Niwot from Cherry Creek. I am looking to take him and my SIL somewhere where they serve regional food or something we don't normally cook ourselves (like dim sum). Is The Kitchen a good option for Saturday lunch? My husband's cousin is a chef at Bistro Vendome, so we may make it there for Sunday brunch if we do get into downtown Denver. Any and all suggestions will be very much appreciated.

                    1. re: kasw

                      If they're open, and I believe they are, I think The Kitchen's terrific.

                      Although if you can score the sweet special treatment at BV, what's to decline?!

          3. Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm in Cleveland and we don't have much in the dim sum category so I'm always looking for something good when I travel. I know he has been to Colterra, but I will keep all the other (and future) suggestions in mind. Thanks again.


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              And here's an update on the Broomfield opening of a Super Star Asian outpost, from Patricia Calhoun in Westword on the 6th:

              When we last checked up on Heaven Star, which the owners of Super Star Asian (the best dim sum joint in the city) are opening at 7600 West 120th Avenue in Broomfield, the opening date was slated for January 10. But last week the manager said that was looking soft, owing to inspections not yet completed and some work still to be finished.

              Now we hear that Heaven Star won't open until mid-January. Fortunately, we have Super Star to tide us over, since it's staying put at 2200 West Alameda (above), despite the planned redevelopment of Alameda Square.