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Revised BYOB list in 2009?

Dear Hounds,

Wondering who among us is sorting out ways to enjoy eating out with friends while keeping to our shrunken budgets. In that vein, can you suggest your favorite BYOBs? Preferably with no corkage, but I know I'm pushing my luck. Some that I remember that I enjoyed were:

-"A" in upper Manhattan (no corkage)
-Ivo and Lulu (no corkage)


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  1. Sfoglia used to have a $20 corkage, last time in they did me a favor and let me drink my own wine for $85 a bottle, not going back.

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      pease clarify.i'm not sure what you 're saying. did you have 4 bottles at $20, corkage per bottle?

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        Used to be $20 for a bottle, last time in, they charged me $85 a bottle and 'did me a favor' and they resented the entire process. They had brought in a sommelier from Nantucket who added a special very expensive area to wine list, thus no longer BYOB.

    2. Beacon and The Orchard are BYOB on Sundays

      1. My favorite is Nook, no corkage but make reservation.

        1. Kuma Inn - $5 corkage for wine
          Himalayan Cafe - no corkage

          1. I came in the thread to recommend A (or A Cafe and Wine Room) but I see it's already made the list! It's on Columbus Ave. between 107th & 108th.

            1. My husband and I regularly enjoy La Sirene. lasirenenyc.com It is a BYOB restaurant (no corkage) and has been reviewed favorably in the NYTs.

              1. Casa Fox - on Orchard and Stanton - has a fireplace and is BYOB. Empanadas and bean dishes and that sort of fare.

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                  eat-pisode and sticky rice are both standard thai restaurants in the les with byob. no corkage. the atmostphere at eat-pisode is a bit nicer.

                  also, i walked by the new san marzano pizza place on rivinton/clinton last night and it is byob as well. plan on trying it tonight.

                  a good bet is to check out recent openings on eater.com or the times on wed and seeing if they have their liquor license yet.

                2. We had a good Tuscan dinner at Cipolla Rossa last week.
                  BYOB no corkage fee.

                  1. I've been to both Tartine and Nook and both are delicious. Nook is very small and cannot really accomdate groups larger than 4- maybe 6 at max. But very nice decor- excellent date place