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Jan 9, 2009 07:44 AM

Butcher Bay????

Anyone been to Butcher Bay, the old Seymour Burton? Reviews have been great.

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  1. I would love to see these "reviews." According to Eater, the place isn't even open yet.

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    1. re: small h

      same. I walked by last weekend and there was plywood up around the entrance.

    2. I saw reviews too. passed by today and looked like far from open.

      1. Anyone been yet? I have been putting it off because the reviews seemed less enthusiastic than I had hoped. (Must have been reading different things than c11.)

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        1. re: _emilie_

          I went opening night. Total disaster. Staffed was overwhelmed, half the menu was unavailable and since we sat at the bar we watched the clearly overwhelmed bartender and a busboy absolutely murder about 4 dozen oysters throughout our dinner there. The oysters that they did manage to open were very good but some did have ripped up shells on them. The oyster po'boy was ok and the lobster was tasty. The waitstaff and kitchen was out of sync as we got stuff out of order, other people next to us never got half their food, etc. Should've heeded my own advice and not gone in the first month.... I'm def. waiting to hear more about it before heading back. They do have an interesting albeit small selection of beers though

        2. I had a pretty poor dining experience there.
          Oyster chowder - The "chowder" was ultra watery and the oysters tasted rancid
          Oyster po'boy - big portion for the price, but clumsily made and really unrefined. Bacon was dried from sitting in a heat lamp for far too long.
          Fried Chicken - Large portions, but the chicken was dry and the crust fell off of the bird the second you touched it, so that you were left with a hunk of dry poultry and shrapnel of breading scattered about.

          Not worth a visit.

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          1. re: ExFlexitarian

            Do not eat here. I thought it would be good seafood, casual vibe. Oysters were good but a very long wait, and still not heavenly. Fish in the fish and chips did not taste particularly fresh and had that iridescent thing happening that you see on not fresh fish and cold cuts. The jalapeno corn bread had the consistency and flavor of processed cardboard. I wanted to like this place, but could not. Just go to pearl and be happy instead. I feel bad because they were nice enough and obviously trying, but it is just not worth it.