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Jan 9, 2009 07:39 AM

Best Tapas for a large group

Dinner for a bachelorett party. GOing out after most likely on ther LES...Something nicer, not too pricey though...Good sangria a plus!

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  1. Alta is able to accommodate pretty large groups. Just as a note of caution, they only do their sangria (which is excellent) by the glass, and not by the pitcher.

    1. I agree with Alta. They can seat large groups in the balcony area. Other recommendations with tranditional tapas include....

      Sala in the East Village, which I really enjoy. They could certainly seat a large group towards the back of the restaurant.

      Oliva on Houston and Allen, which has great pinxtos and delicious sangria. While the restaurant might not look be able to pull it off because of the size, we had a group dinner of about 15 people there one night, and they did a great job.

      Places with non-traditional small plates:

      The Stanton Social is always an easy rec for a bachelorette party.

      Also, Rayuela has great mexican food with small plates and a delicious champagne strawberry sangria drink. The shrimp and crab guacamole is divine!

      Have fun!