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Jan 9, 2009 07:31 AM

East Valley Healthy

I'm trying to stick to my New Year's resolution and eat healthy! i kind of tire of the options at chain restaraunts and wanted somewhere new to go tonight. Here are my req's:

It must be west of the 101 and south of the 202
I must be able to take my two small children with me

Looking forward to hearing some suggestions

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  1. Pita Jungle -- original location @ Dorsey & Apache. Meditteranean influenced food with many healthful options. Very casual and okay for kids. Afterward, walk over to Chll, in same little strip mall, for gelato or frozen yogurt.

    Pita Jungle
    1250 E Apache Blvd Ste 113, Tempe, AZ 85281

    1250 E Apache Blvd 104, Tempe, AZ 85281

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    1. re: silverbear

      I do love Pita Jungle, but I'm afraid I'll just order the falafel which are frien d balls of goodness rather than ordering something more low-cal.

    2. Oops, I mis-read your post. This place is EAST of the 101, but I'll go ahead and mention it anyway for others who are thinking healthy in 2009 and venturing into the East Valley:

      There's a new place on McKellips between Recker & Higley (closer to Recker) called Pizza Fusion that specializes in lots of organic ingredients for the salads, sandwiches & pizza as well as organic beer and wine. We tried it last night for the first time and appears to be family friendly and a nice execution of the concept.

      1. adding link:

        Pizza Fusion Mesa
        5735 E McKellips Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215

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        1. re: MesaChow

          Is their pizza OK? We got as close as the front door and saw their stupid saving the planet one slice at a time nonsense and walked away. We wound up getting a pizza at Bellagio. It was OK. Marcos has closed.

          1. re: Lar

            Yes, 'ok' or 'good' is how I'd describe. (I've had the pizza at Bellagio, and I don't have a single recollection about how it was, so I can't compare it with PF directly.) We shared the sausage and peppers pizza; the sausage was tasty, the peppers were fresh, the cheese was plentiful and the crust held it's own. The regular size pizzas come out oblong and cut into squares, and even down to the last piece it didn't get soggy in the middle.

            This is not normally the type of pizza I go for, but for being very close to home, and with the whole organic concept, it was worth a try and I'd go back. They do also have a gluten free option for pizza, so when a certain friend of mine visits, I would take her there. (+$5 for gf pizza).

            Now, if I can talk about pizza in the East Valley, I'll go ahead and mention that we have really been enjoying Old World Pizza Kitchen, just south of old town Gilbert. Retired FDNY (New York City Fire Department) and wife with some pretty tasty new york style pizzas. He roasts his tomatos for the sauce, which is different, but good. Calmari app was very good. One visit he brought out some roasted garlic for us to try, it was good. Another visit he brought out a sampler of his cheese & sausage sampler....the sausage was very good. It's a nice little neighborhood spot. It, also, is close to home and along the same lines as pizza places that we enjoy if we're in the area like Piazza al Forno in Glendale (current fav!) and Pizza a Metro.

            old world pizza kitchen
            gilbert, az, gilbert, az

        2. there is now a pita jungle at dobson and southern across from MCC. food is great ask for Gary as your server. have the chicken del sol, the kids will love the pita pizza. also there is one at williams field and valvista in the sprouts shopping plaza

          1. Pita Jungle would have been my first suggestion, too. But, I can't stop you from ordering falafel other than to say their nachos with the mixed beans are to die for, as is the Shwarma (sp?) pita, the lentil salad, the hummus with chicken, the pita pizzas, the grilled salmon, etc. Huh. Maybe we'll go there for dinner.

            Picazzo's Pizza sounds kind of similar to MesaChow's suggestion. They also have gluten free pizza crust as an option. They have wonderful salads.

            The other places I can think of do not meet your geographical requirements.

            Picazzo's Gourmet Pizza
            440 W Warner Rd # 101, Tempe, AZ