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Jan 9, 2009 06:27 AM

Kosher Miami- What Are Your Fav's?

I would love to get some fellow chowhounder's opinions on the best kosher restaurants in Miami/Sunny Isles/ Aventura. Many thanks.

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  1. Famous in Aventura was very good when I was there in June

    1. There are a bunch of other posts on this.

      I know they're all in the Aventura area, but I don't drive in Florida so I can't tell you where exactly the places are. These are my favorites.
      Grill Time- Israeli fusion place. They put tons of salads and pita on the table when you sit down. I love the teriyaki chicken and the hanger steak. Huge portions, so you can defintiely share. They serve all the sides family style. A reservation is a must because the place is always full.

      Pita Plus- Cheap, quick, good to sit there or as takeout. Falafel, shwarma, grilled chicken. I usually get the grilled chicken pita. They have awesome salads and pickles.

      Cinne Citta- Haven't been there in a while, but I remember getting tuna. My husband got fish also, and we both liked it. It's more in the Bal Harbour area, but it's worth the drive. Fancy dairy/italian with a great atmosphere. If you like fish, it's a good place.

      Famous Deli- My husbands grandparents love to take us to this place. Consistently good food and they have everything- deli sandwiches, stuffed cabbage, shnitzel, salads. It's a deli, but a little nice decor with flat screen tv's. They have something for everyone and the waitresses are so nice. I had a salad with grilled chicken, my husband had a corned beef sandwich, his grandparents had a turkey entree, and stuffed cabbage. We all loved the food and I'll definitely be back there next time I'm in Miami.

      Gourmet Carrot- This one's in South Beach so it's a bit of a drive, but it's really good. It's a meat place with a lighter menu. Yummy sandwiches, salads, burgers, all with a healthyish emphasis. I had an asian salad with tofu and my husband had a chicken burger. Many of the items don't actually have meat in them- most salads, veggie burgers, roasted veg sandwiches. From what I remember, it wasn't very expensive.

      Weber's Cafe- In the Waterways, an outdoor shopping area in Aventura. Dairy place, really good for dinner. They have fish, pasta, salads, sandwiches. It's not a typical Israeli cafe with lots of feta cheese and the like. i remember having pasta with roasted tomatoes and fresh spinach. Our waitress was really helpful, inviting me to pick and choose among the ingredients in different pastas so that I could have exactly what I wanted.

      As for a kosher supermarket, we like Kosher Kingdom. The owner/manager is really helpful, and knows where everything is. They have a full line of groceries, dairy, meat, and some takeout. My husband's grandparent's love shopping there because the staff is so helpful. The manager will sometimes walk them through the store and help them with their shopping.

      I've also been to China Bistro in the Waterways which is just OK.