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Oysters for a first timer?

Where should I take someone for their first ever oyster experience?While I don't care for Legals I do like their wine flight specifically for oysters-I really want to show him the whole experience. Just please no Fanueil Hall suggestions.

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    1. re: Richard Hurts

      ditto. oyster nirvana and wines thoughtfully selected to match the menu.

      last few times i had oysters at legal's they were awful, same with mccormick's. lots of folks will chime in for b&g, but i'm a hater.

      1. re: kokkonen

        cool atmosphere at the oyster bar, but a very limited selection.

        1. re: kokkonen

          Re: Union, only at the Oyster bar itself, not at the tables.

          I am also a fan of East Coast Grill.

        2. I think you should go with legal. Regardless of opinion on the food generally, almost everyone agrees that their oysters are great and the wine choice and prices are excellent. Also, alot easier to get into than Neptune- pparking and crowd wise.

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          1. re: emilief

            agreed about the legal wine list (although i'm sorry, i liked their previous buyer's lists better than the current ones from sandy block), however, i've given up ordering oysters there because the last few times were dreadful, both at kendall and park square.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              We usually have oysters in Chestnut Hill and Framingham so I can;'t speak to kendall or park square.

          2. I have to agree with MC slim JB that Summer Shack (alewife) does a good oyster. If your first-timer is hesitant, I have always liked the summer shack oyster shooter - oyster, cocktail sauce and vodka in a shot glass. It is essentially the same as vodka/cocktail sauce in taste and consistency (eg. the oyster is almost undectable) but I do think it is a nice introduction for the squeamish.

            1. No question -- for a first timer, Neptune. The variety and tasting notes will demonstrate the real differences between the varieties and the wine is lovely too. Go for a late lunch and linger at the bar.

              I also enjoy the oysters at B&G (perfect temperature, right Lissy?) , East Coast Grill (limited selection but always peak freshness) and Summer Shack. Whenever I get the oysters and a flight of wine at Legal Seafood, I enjoy the wine much more than the oysters.

              1. We are lucky that there are so many great places to get oysters. Neptune of course and then you can have a really great meal following. B&G also has a wonderful selection. Summer shack, legal seafoods, eat coast grill and capital grill and boxk 109 all serve excellent oysters. What I like is really creative mignonette sauces and good cocktail sauce. All of the places I have mentioned carry a wide selection of oysters. I had some at legal in Chestnut Hill last night and they were fabulous.

                1. I'd never understood oysters and always got clams until going to 28 Degrees in the South End for their $1. an oyster special which I see they still have. They had a mignonette sauce that made me a convert.

                  1. Neptune or Oceanaire are the best from my perspective (B&G also has great oysters/selection, though I am not a fan of space). They both have great selections. Size and salt content are all key depending on ones preference and with Neptune/Oceanaire you will not go wrong.

                    1. Neptune or get in a car and go to Caffe Bella in Randolph. For a first time oyster eater, selection is not as important as proper handling and properly reserved ocean juices and freshness and wow factor. As many know, I am infinitely impressed with Bella's oysters and presentation - the rest of the menu if fantastic too.

                      I would avoid completely any Mc and Scmick, and Skipjack immediately and have heard that the old Oyster House has been known to (oh the horror of it all!!!!) preshuck....that just aint right.....

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                      1. re: gyppielou

                        Union Oyster definitely preshucks for the dining room..not if you sit at the oyster bar. If you'res itting there, the shuck to order.

                        I'd probably take a first time oyster eater to Neptune. A well chosen selection of
                        well cared for oysters from different regions; so they could taste the subtle differences in oysters from different regions. I also prefer the vinaigrette to cocktail sauce with oysters.

                        Haven't been to Oceanaire but they sound good too.

                        1. re: 9lives

                          I also like that Neptune lists the sizes and flavors of each of the oysters - great for a novice, especially if they want to start with the smaller ones.

                          Neptune Oyster
                          63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

                      2. Which one of these places would be the best choice for a solitary novice - i.e. counter/bar seating & the staff can guide you through the process?

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                        1. re: the modern serf

                          All the places that are suitable for someone who wants to take a first timer for oysters raw would be fine for a novice fo to try on their own.

                          Just scroll up

                          1. re: 9lives

                            who do you think is on the top right now? as in "i'm going to be eating Oysters at Noon tomorrow" with a nod being given to $1 options or other specials.