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Jan 9, 2009 06:16 AM


I am looking for an italian BYOB in any of the Philadelphia Suburbs for a Bridal Shower to accomodate 30-50 people. Does anybody have any suggestions? THANKS!

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  1. I can very highly recommend Sapori in Collingswood. The chef is friendly, the staff is very good and the food is excellent. In addition, guests from the city can take Patco, get off in Collingswood, and walk to the restaurant. As far as driving from CC, it's about a 15-20 minute drive. I know they do private parties there, and can accommodate a group that size.
    All of Collingswood is BYOB, and a few other suggestions are Bistro De Marino, Nunzio, Il Fiore. Sapori would be my first choice, however.

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      I know I'm waking up a very old thread here, but I have to say, anyone in the area should get to Sapori and try the wild boar special. Simply amazing. My wife and I have been there a half-dozen times and the food is always great. There are several great restaurants in Collingswood but Sapori is excellent.

    2. Ariana's in North Wales (near the Montgomery Mall).

      1. Mina Cucina in Springhouse might do it.

        1. From the Boot in Ambler has a private room downstairs. They have a bar, but might allow BYO for a private party. Food is good.
          There is also Mirna's in Blue Bell. They will allow a private party on a day they're closed (possibly a lunch on Sunday).

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            Another is Teresa's n West Conshohocken.

          2. Gemelli in Narberth is a nice spot. 30-50 would probably be the size of the full restaurant.